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beach view in Da nang

beach view in Da nang

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Da nang travel guide includes sites such as Cham Museum and the Marble Mountains. Da nang is the third largest city in Vietnam and it is an economic hub. Da nang is a charming city with an abundance of restaurants, bars and shops. The city is busy and roads are crowded with traffic. Many tourists use the city as a starting point to explore the surrounding areas.


The average temperature is 26C with temperatures rising during June until August. The cool season if from December until February. During monsoon season there is heavy rainfall which may result in flooding. The rain can hinder sightseeing and outdoor activities.


Da nang is easily accessible by air as it has its own international airport. There are also flights available within Vietnam and it is possible to fly to other cities such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City from Dan nang. The airport is small and does not have many amenities but restaurants, shops and money changes are available. The airport is conveniently situated 3 km from the city center. There is a train station within Da nang and traveling by train will allow you to see more of Vietnam's scenery. The local train is cheap but slow. Buses also travel from city to city. Da nang transport options include taxis, motorbike taxis and buses. If you catch a taxi, negotiate a fare before you begin your journey or use a metered taxi. Some metered taxis may however rig the meter so that you are overcharged for the journey.


There is an abundance of sightseeing activities in Da nang. Cham Museum first opened in 1915 and the museum offers more information on the Cham civilization. Included in the exhibitions are many different sculptures that are centuries old. There is an admission fee to enter the museum. Marble Mountains attract tourists for their beauty, caves and temples. It is possible to hire a guide to show you around the Marble Mountains. Ba Na Hill station was once a popular French resort. During summer the area offers a respite from the heat. Here you can explore the forest area and enjoy views over the surrounding area. Cham Island and Myson sanctuary are other tourist attractions.


A trip to Da nang would not be complete without visiting a local market. There are many different markets scattered around the city. The markets offer a glimpse into the local culture and it is fun exploring the different stalls. Markets are also a good place to sample local cuisine. Shopping centers are also located within Da nang.

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