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Ruean Thai Hotel , Sukhothai

Ruean Thai Hotel , Sukhothai


Sukhothai which literally means "Dawn of Happiness" is located 427 km (267 miles) north of Bangkok, and was founded in 1238. Sukhothai used to be the capital of Thailand for approximately 120 years.

The former greatness of Sukhothai has been preserved in architectural monuments. Ruins of the royal palaces, Buddhist temples, the city gates, walls moats, dams, ditches, ponds, canals and the water dyke control system which was the economic base of the kingdom has been restored by the Fine Arts Department with the cooperation of the UNESCO, not only to foster Thailand's national identity but safeguard an important part of mankind's cultural heritage.

The new town of Sukhothai, a few kilometers away from the old one, is where hotels, restaurants and other infastructure facilities are located today.


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