James Bond Island

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Houses in the middle of nowhere- Phang Nga Bay

Houses in the middle of nowhere- Phang Nga Bay

Lloyd Miller

The James Bond Film 'The Man With The Golden Gun' was filmed on an island in Phang Nga Bay, near Phuket. Locals even renamed the island 'James Bond Island'. Ironically, James Bond Island is the lowlight of the tour. The island is rather boring unless you're a James Bond fanatic. There are a few touristy stalls on the island.

It is a whole or half day excursion. You can also visit a large cave Temple inhabited by macaques and with many fine Buddha Images. A Muslim village on a small island is also on the agenda, along with Koh Kai- a small island for snorkelling and swimming. If you take the whole day excursion, the trip will also include a canoe trip.

The small Muslim village is the highlight of the whole trip, along with the magical scenery. If you can find your way past the tourist shops and restaurants, you can wander through the village to see what life on the island is really like. It's a great opportunity for photographers.

The scenery on the tour is wonderful. Misty islands on the horizon from Koh Kai island await you, and it feels as though you're in a completely different world, isolated from everything else. If you have a steady hand, these also make for great photographs from a speed boat.

The tour is great, but make sure you have sunscreen. There are free drinks, fruit and cool towlettes served throughout the day.

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