Things to do in Pattaya

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Pattaya is a holiday heaven for all. The variety of Pattaya Things to Do attracts honeymoon couples, mesmerizes family travelers and astounds adventure lovers. There are many a things which you can indulge yourself into in Pattaya.


If you are traveling with your family or a veteran traveler then probably you would like to move around and see the main tourist attractions. Pattaya Beach is a lovely white sandy beach. You can hire a motor boat and drive in the slightly rough sea. Ko Larn, a small island near Pattaya, is famous for its rich coral beaches. Ko Larn is great for swimming, snorkeling, diving and sun bathing. Nong Nooch tropical garden located around 15kms south of Pattaya is one of the best gardens in Asia. In this garden you can see Thai dance performances and elephant show apart from the beautifully decorated tress and fountains. Jomtien Beach is another very popular sight for tourists. In this beach you can do fun activities like parasailing, banana boat riding and speed boat traveling. Situated in the heart of the city, Mini Siam is a beautiful museum that features miniature models of the famous monuments and architectures of the world including Eiffel tower, Statue of Liberty and Democracy Monument.


Many tourists find Pattaya dull during the day time and they often sleep throughout the day and start moving around only after the evening. Little they know that Pattaya is dotted with plenty of posh shopping malls and stores offering clothes, leather goods, shoes, jewelries and gem stones. Shopping malls like Big C and Tesco are for people wishing to buy something at a reasonable price. Royal Garden Plaza is a modern shopping mall equipped with shops of almost all the big international brands available in Thailand. Central Festival shopping complex being the biggest and the best shopping mall in east Thailand is a great place for any shopaholic. Apart from the malls, you will find many good shopping stores along the beach road and the 2nd main road. Bargaining is a must in those shops.


Pattaya receives more than 5 Million visitors every year and this has made the taste of the cuisines here a blend of international and local flavors. Thai food is famous all over the world and you will be able to fully appreciate that when you visit any restaurant in Pattaya. They will offer cuisines of many countries and also the great variations in noodles, eggs and sea food preparations. Pattaya beach road is one of the best places for tourists to dine.

Massages and Spa

Thai massages and Spa are world famous and Pattaya is no exception. You will find different types of foot massages, aroma therapy, full body massages, ayurvedic massages and fish foot massages. In most of the big beauty parlors facilities for Spa are available. Apart from that you will find a lot of stunning Spa centers along the beach road. 

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