Nightlife and Entertainment in Pattaya

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If you yearn for enjoying your holiday in true Pattaya style, you must experience the  Pattaya Nightlife  which is full of color and vibrancy.

Alcazar Cabaret

You can start your evening by visiting the world famous ladyboy cabaret show. In Alcazar you will be entertained every moment of your stay. The stage will always be filled with professional artists who will bamboozle you with their dazzling performances. The vibrant colors and the decorations will certainly lift your mood high and set a perfect tune for the night.

Walking Street

From Alcazar show you can head straight towards the neon hoarding infested South Pattaya’s most famous Walking Street. The traffic is shut off in the night so you can walk along the road and enjoy the sight of girls inviting you to GO- GO bars, pole dancing, pool matches and lot of colorful crowds enjoying in different open air bars and restaurants. If you want to sip into a beer glass and enjoy the evening with some live rock music then go to the Blues Factory. You may spend an hour or so there. The loud music, hot girls and the beer will certainly make your adrenaline go high. If you want to cool down a bit, then you can have a nice dinner walk out of the walking street towards the beach road.

Dinner at Beach Road

Beach road is only 2 minutes walk from Walking Street. There are a number of great restaurants offering delectable Chinese, Thai and continental foods to satisfy your palate. The cool sea breeze and the serene composed beach restaurants will certainly help you cool down and take a good dinner. The sea foods and noodles being specialties in those restaurants are highly recommended.

Back to Music and Fun

Once you satisfy your gastronomical desire, you may go back to the Walking Street to spend the rest of the night in revelry. You can also visit Soi Pattayaland (also known as Boyz town) or Soi 7. They too have bars and restaurants full of girls but definitely not as crowded as Walking Street. As the night progresses you may want to be a little cozy with the environment. You may visit a GO-GO bar to enjoy pole dancing. Moulin Rouge is one of the famous bars on this street. There are many more. When you are satisfied, tired and the alcohol have got better of you then call it a day and head home. If you want, lovely ladies can accompany you to your hotel room as well.

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Tejinderpal Singh Miglani

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The Tiffany show in Pattaya is a must watch. Entertaining and grand is what comes to mind when you describe it. The show promises one hour of music, song, dance, great costumes and fabulously beautiful actors.

The one hour show showcases cultures of some of the important countries in Asia through a song and dance sequence about each. There are presentations from the cultures of India, Korea, Thailand (of course), Vietnam, China and other countries - all performed by the same set of actors. Some of the actors are supposed to be transvestites  but they say it is more..

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