Nong khai Travel Guide

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The Sculpture Park, Salakeawkoo

The Sculpture Park, Salakeawkoo

Julian Wright

Nong Khai is located on the banks of the Maekhong river, 630 km north-east of Bangkok

. Across the river is People's Democratic Republic of Laos

. This is a good base from which to explore Isaan, the North-East of Thailand, and the only place in Isaan at which you can cross the river into neighbouring Laos by using the so-called Friendship Bridge in Nong Khai town. The scenery around Nong Khai and along the Maekhong river is very beautiful and worth checking out. Outside of Nong Khai is Wat Khaek (also known as Salaa Kaew Kuu), a zany Buddhist-Hindu scupture park worth a visit.

. The city is also a good place to buy handicraft of the region and neighbouring Laos.

. A slightly eccentric bar in town, The Bridge Bar, has a website with information about travelling to and from Nong Khai. Their website is at

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