Koh Samui Travel Guide

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Ang Thong national park/view from Ko Wua Talap with SY Freedom Fargo

Ang Thong national park/view from Ko Wua Talap with SY Freedom Fargo


Koh Samui or Samui Island (in Thai language "Koh" means "Island") is in general considered as the second most beautiful tourism spot in Thailand. But those who want to enjoy the natural beauties with serene environment will be sceptic of this opinion. Koh Samui is simply the best place for them. Over the years it has attracted many foreigners, especially from Europe. It's interesting that many foreign travellers who came to Koh Samui just to pass vacation, couldn't avoid falling in love of its beauty. Eventually they settled there and this is reflected from a large number of foreign residents there.

When we first wrote about Koh Samui in the mid 1980s we predicted that the building of an airport on the island would forever change its character—and not for the better. Well Samui has its airport and though there have been some significant changes it’s still a very pleasant place to go. The only people likely to complain are those who spent time there when it was in its undeveloped state. Samui still has lovely clean beaches with magical blue-green colored water and an idyllic atmosphere—it’s just that there are now three to four times as many people enjoying it as before.

Koh Samui is at 295 mile or 475 km south of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.


This Kohsamui travel guide will help you kick start your travel plans. Kohsamui is a wonderful tourist destination and is known for its laid-back daytime atmosphere and power-packed nights. Read on to find out more.

Getting There

Located 230 miles from Bangkok and 30 miles from the Thailand mainland, Kohsamui can be reached in about 60 minutes by air. Berjaya Air flies from Kuala Lumpur to Kohsamui and has some great web fares. You can also fly by Thai Airways to Surat Thani and proceed to Kohsamui by boat. Kohsamui has direct flights to and from Singapore, Hong Kong and Pattaya. Another popular option is to travel by train from Bangkok to Surat Thani and then take the boat ride to Kohsamui.


The price for rooms in Kohsamui ranges from the mid- to high-level. This is a boutique island and hence offers several beach-side stay options. You will find, three-star resorts to luxury hotels in Chaweng, Lamai, Bophut and other beach areas in Kohsamui. The Tropical Garden hotel offers rooms starting from $25 and the Sandy Resort starts from $30.


This beach destinations offers many activities to the tourists. The Big Buddha is a famous attraction and a place of spiritual healing in Kohsamui. The erotic rocks in Lamai are another popular tourist spot. Backpackers should head to the Koh Phangan which has a very Bohemian feel and is famous for its full moon parties. Samui is an extremely tourist-friendly beach. Chawang Beach is a great place to go swimming and enjoy the sun and sand.


This island is designed to please. The nightlife is extremely colorful and goes on until daybreak. From beach-side parties to more sober live entertainment indoors, this place has it all. Head to the Fusion Club in Lamai to dance your night away to some great music played by the in house disc jockey. Green Mango is another famous party place on Chaweng Beach.


Devour the Kohsamui cuisine and experience the hospitality at various restaurants. This place is a dream-come-true for seafood lovers. Fresh and loaded with flavor, Kohsamui will teach you the right way to enjoy the seafood. Thai cuisine is altered to fit the pallet of the tourists and hence the spice factor depends on your tolerance levels. Samui Seafood and Jungle Park are restaurants that should not be missed at any cost.


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