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Koh Lanta Saladan pier

Koh Lanta Saladan pier

Miek Schenk (Miek37)

Several years ago, Ko Lanta was an offbeat destination inhabited only by Muslim fishermen who couldn't understand why anyone would visit their hot, remote island. Ko Lanta today has over a dozen bungalows stretched along the west coast, from the northern village of Ban Sala Dan down to Ban Sangka U at the southern tip. Getting to this island can be a bit tedious but not difficult.Once you're there however, you will realise that its worth the effort. A long ride in a small ferry from Krabi must be taken. You can also take a train to Trang and find a local truck with seats in the back that will take you for an hour long ride to another ferry point.

Ko Lanta archipelago consists of 52 islands, but only Ko Lanta Yai and a few small islets have formal accommodations. Ko Lanta offers some fairly good beaches almost completely untouched by mass tourism, and a bit of skin diving over offshore coral beds. Another sidelight is the near-complete dominance of Islam on the island, a world where Muslim mosques vastly outnumber Buddhist wats. Public nudity is discouraged.

If you are looking for a holiday to just unwind,feel the breeze in your hair,go back into time,this is the place.With just enough of technology, to say connected to the rest of the world, by means of a few internet cafes and ISd calling stations,this is a wonderful retreat from the maddenning crowds.Getting around is easy,as you can rent bikes taht come with helmets or one can hop into the native version of a rikshaw.There are beach parties all over,a disco,massage parlours and even thai cooking classes.Food id clean and hygienic,available at all times with convenience stores everywhere.Hotels are plenty,with friendly staff, though communicating might pose  aproblem sometimes.

One can go scuba diving,snorkelling,cave exploring,on a jungle safari or simply gat a tan on the beach.The evenings are the best time to venture out,enjoy a drink by the beach and head to a party nearby.If you happen to be around for the Lanta festival,you cant miss it.Wonderful colours,smells and sounds amke it an unforgettable experience, with foot massages,skits,puppet shows, and cultural shows a part of the evenings itenary.You cant miss the food all over which is clean,affordable and very sumptous.One get get a lot of good bargains by way of clothes and accessories.

The monsoons bring heavy downpours June-October.  You can usually find bicycles to rent to explore the island. Bring water and food with you though as supplies are hard to come by on the east side of the island.


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