Budget Travel Ideas in Hua Hin

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Thailand is a haven for travelers on a budget as it offers many cheap options of travel, accommodations and activities. Hua Hin has become popular with rich Thai people and international tourists making some areas expensive, however there are still many ways to visit Hua Hin on a budget.

Getting There

Hua Hin can be reached inexpensively by bus. Air conditioned buses are available and leave regularly making this an easy way to travel. Trains are another travel option.

Getting Around

To get around Hua Hin take a tuk tuk. Remember to bargain for a fare to make sure you are not being overcharged but bargain respectfully. To avoid bargaining for prices you can rent your own motorbike at a low cost. Another option is songthaews which have a fixed route and transport many people at a time making travel cheaper.


Do to its increasing popularity there are many expensive hotels available. However if you look for accommodation away from prime spots right by the beach there are inexpensive guesthouses available. 


  • Beach: The beach is a 3 km stretch of beautiful white sand with clear water lapping at the shoreline. It is the main attraction in Hua Hin and it is free. Spend days tanning and swimming on the beach without spending any money.
  • Night Market: The vibrant night market is worth a visit. Spread over 2-blocks it gives tourists a chance to mingle with locals and get a glimpse of local culture away from the hoards of tourists. It is also possible to buy some cheap souvenirs and interesting gifts. It is open from when the sun sets and continues until midnight.
  • Hua Hin Arts and Craft Center: Spend some time at the arts center for free. There is art by local artists on display as well as photographs illustrating the history of Hua Hin.Kao
  • Takiap: This hill is located 14 kilometers from the center of Hua Hin town and at the top is a temple. From the top of the hill you can enjoy magnificent views of the city. Buy some cheap beer from a  local store and enjoy a drink while watching the sunset from the top of the hill.
  • Fishing: Fishing is an inexpensive activity and is also enjoyed by the locals.
  • Walking and Cycling: Walking and cycling are activities that will allow you to see the town of Hua Hin on a budget as well as get some exercise. The streets are quite enough to make these activities possible.

The night market offers a cheap source of delicious local food. Food is freshly cooked while you wait. The backstreets around the market also provide a source of cheap eating options. Avoid eating near the beach as this area is more expensive.

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