Bars and Cafes in Hua Hin

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Getting a drink in Hua Hin is an easy and usually fun thing to do. The area is filled with over 50 bars, some right on the beach and others more inland. There are great party places along with places to take a seat, relax and talk with friends. There are also a few good cafes to enjoy the best of coffee, tea and pastries. Some resorts even have a high noon tea to enjoy for those who aren’t into the bar scene. So whether you enjoy a good taste of liqueur or prefer a non alcoholic drink with friends there is a place in Hua Hin.


Bars are very popular in Hua Hin and not just as a form of fantastic night life. A lot of bars go by the idea that it’s 5 P.M. somewhere and serve drinks all day long. Pub ambiance type bars are popular here and good way to wind down and relax. Aside from the great resort and hotel bars there are some fantastic ones scattered all around the city.

JJ’s Bar is located in the plaza on Poolsulk Road. They have a fantastic location for their bar with lots of great seating, indoors or out. The upper deck is the best place for people watching and the inside is just as interesting and fun. The staff is great and really understand the meaning of hospitality. This bar opens in the mid-day and is open till the late hours of the night.

Other bars include Baan Dontree, O’Neils and Sunshine Boulevard.


Cafés in the area are mostly open in the day time. There aren’t a lot that are open late into the night like bars are but some do stay open in the dark. But if you’re looking for a good drink of coffee in the afternoon or in the morning (even if it’s to sober up from some other kind of drinks all night long) there are some good places to sit and chill.

One of the best is the Museum Coffee and Tea Corner. Here you will find the best hot and cold drinks along with freshly baked pastries. They also do a traditional afternoon tea with many pastries, scones and crepes. The Museum Coffee and Tea Corner is located in Sofitel Centara Grand Resort & Villas.

Another café type atmosphere for a good place for a drink with friends is the Together Coffee Bar.

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