Teaching Thai language for foreigner in Hatyai,songkhla

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Teaching Thai language for foreigner in Hatyai,songkhla


I'm sorry that I'm not good at English.
(But I'm good at Thai ! haha sure! because I'm Thai ... just a joke!)
but I awlays believe that "friendship" will help us to learn more
If you want to learn more Thai language in informal style.
Grammar,Conversation, writing, reading, salang .. etc. that you want to know
or something that useful for you..
I think I can help you.


Don't worry that we will not understand each other.
I have fun experiences with my Korean teacher, she can speaks Thai and English a little bit
like me that can speak English and Korea a little bit ! hahaha
it's very fun and happy  made I known that although we're different but has its way  to understand
if we try and  open mind wildely ^_____________^

So.. If you're interesting
contact me :

oh .. about a cost  100 bahts/hr
I am waiting for a chance we will learn each other ..

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