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Baan Thaton,

Tourists in double-decker busses often pass through Thaton. Some stop for lunch or take river raft ride on the Mae Kok, yet few stop to stay over night because the village seems so simple. Whether you are a tourist or a peace seeker,we highly recommended that Thaton deserves an extended stay.

Several visitors have found sought-for serenity and spend weeks in Thaton. Then, over time, like hummingbirds to honeysuckle they return. Years go by, they buy properties, build homes and live here six months a year, many for the rest of their lives. Our neighbors now include French, Australian, German, Swiss, British, American, Dutch, Canadian, Singaporean, Hill Tribe families and Lanna people. If you believe that peaceful existence in a calm community is an ideal life, then here is a place where you can quietly enjoy each day within nature, surrounded by temple-topped green hills and river-scored verdant valleys beneath a constantly changing sky.

May we assist you in your escape from the city? www.thaton.info
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