When to Go in Bangkok

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Bangkok has a tropical weather pattern that creates three seasons: cool, hot and rainy. Foreigners know these as, respectively, hot, hotter, and hot and wet. In deciding on when you wish to travel to Bangkok you should consider both the weather and the festivals. Here is a rundown of Bangkok's climate and celebrations to help with your decision.

Cool, Dry Season

The northeast monsoon winds blow from Indo-China through the end and start of each year. From November through February is what the locals refer to as the cool, dry season. Temperatures usually stay between the mid-twenties and the mid-thirties (Celsius) and humidity is at its lowest. This is without a doubt the most popular time to visit Bangkok.

Hot, Humid Season

Once the winds stop blowing, the temperature begins rising. From March until May you can expect the hottest temperatures in Bangkok. The temperature generally hovers above 35 degrees C, but regularly hits 40 degrees C or higher. The humidity will make you sweat non-stop, so be prepared with a few changes of clothing and plenty of deodorant. It's also a good idea to have a hat to give you a bit of shade and prevent sunburn. Light, long layers are the best option, as they'll keep the sun off of you and keep you cool. Be sure to keep mosquito repellent handy.

Rainy Season

From June to October the weather takes a turn from hot and sunny to hot and rainy. October is probably the wettest month, though the other three hold their own. The upside is that the temperature is still quite warm, so the rain is usually a welcome shower. Carry an umbrella if you don't wish to get wet, but you'll probably dry off pretty quickly. It's also worth noting that while the weather prediction is usually daily rain and thunderstorms, they don't always happen.


There are plenty of festivals that take place in Bangkok and can make your visit much more enjoyable. The Lunar New Year starts things off in late January or February and is a fun celebration. In March the beautiful weather begins and brings with it the Kite Flying Festival. The skies become an array of colors throughout the month. The Thai New Year takes place in mid-April and has developed into a water festival in order to help combat the rising temperatures. The end of October into the beginning of November brings about the Lotus Festival, and later in November comes the Royal Barges Procession, a sight to see from along the riverbanks. The festival season ends with the Golden Mount Festival in November or December.

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