Thai Language in Bangkok

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There are four main Thai languages spoken in Thailand (Central Thai, Southern Thai, Northeastern Thai (the same language is used in Laos) and Northern Thai, but the language referred to as Standard Thai is close to Central Thai. Being in Bangkok you might notice that Bangkokians skip the "r" in words like the polite ending "khrap".
They also (mostly) emphasize the last syllable of a word heavily when they speak English, which makes it difficult to understand them.

Learning Thai as a "farang" is not really easy. It would be more realistic to call the language very difficult to learn for westerners. But the Thai people really appreciate if you make an effort. If you want to learn basic words and sentences buy a Thai language course which is available in every book shop selling English language books.

However, if you really want to make an attempt to learn the language, the only way to possible success is a course that uses the Thai alphabet as a basis. The Thai alphabet - and only that - contains the keys to the tones of the language.

Thai is a very complicated language to learn with a unique alphabet to make it even more difficult. To master a few words is not difficult however and will be greatly appreciated by the locals. Here are some essential words. For more information on the Thai language go to Travlang. Notice that Khrap is used as a polite ending for men and kha for women:

Yes = chai

No = mai-chai

Thank you = khop-khun

Thank you very much = khop-khun-mark

You're welcome = mai-pen-rai

Please = ga-ru-na

Excuse me = kaw-tote/kor-a-nu-yart

Hello = sa-wat-dee

Goodbye = lar-korn

So long = narn/yao-narn

Good morning = sa-was-dee-torn-chao

Good afternoon = sa-was-dee-torn-bai

Good evening = sa-was-dee-torn-khum

Good night = ra-tree-sa-was

I do not understand = chan-mai-kao-jai (f) pom-mai-kao-jai (m)

How do you say this in = khun-ja-pood-nee-pen-[pa-sa-ang-grit]-wa-young-lai?


Do you speak ... = khun-pood ...?

English = pa-sa-ang-krit

French = pa-sa-fa-rang-set

German = pa-sa-yer-re-man

Spanish = pa-sa-spain

Chinese = pa-sa-jin

I = chan (f), phom (m)

We = puak-rao

You (singular, familiar)= khun

You (singular, formal) = khun

You (plural) = khun

They = puak-kao

What is your name? = khun-cheu-a-rai

Nice to meet you. = dee-jai-tee-dai-pob-khun

Welcome = yin-dee

How are you? = khun-sa-bai-dee-mai?

Good = dee

Bad = mai-dee

So so = kor-young-narn-lae

Where is the bathroom? = hong-nam-you-tee-nai? Where is the toilet?

I want it. = Ow

I want this one. = ow-an-nee.

I want that one. = ow-an-nan.

I don't want it. = mai-ow

to go = by

I'm going to [Chiang Mai] = by-[Chiang Mai]


My Thai Language School in Bangkok is an interesting school with qualified teachers where you can learn Thai Language from beginner to advanced level.

Language Express in Ploenchit Bangkok is a large, modern school with a first rate multi-level language program and fully trained teachers.

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