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Bangkok , Thailand may not be the most famous of places for Western grandparents to visit on their winter holiday, but this Thai coast is becoming more accepted by seniors and retirees. Furthermore, what grandchild wouldn’t enjoy coming to visit here? Beats Florida any day. Where the cost of living is only a quarter of the cost of living in most western cities, grandparents and seniors will delight in getting more for their hard-earned retirement money. Here are some of the top travel recommendations for seniors:

Bangkok National Museum

The Bangkok National Museum, founded by Thai King Rama V, is small and rather compartmentalized, but still worth a visit. With more than ten specialized rooms displaying local historical artifacts, ancient but famous artwork, old clothing and machinery, chariots and books, you are sure to find something to your liking. Each room is named after a specific Bangkok-related historical event or tradition. No photography allowed.

The Malls of Bangkok

Who doesn’t enjoy shopping, especially when prices are dirt cheap and the selection is as vast as the Thai coastline? On boiling summer days, shop at the Mahboonkrong Mall, which is air-conditioned. Here you’ll find over fifty shops featuring discount clothes, local crafts, and imported goods. You can spend one day here, and the next at the Paragon and Central World Plaza, which features international restaurants, cozy cafes and quaint international shops. Excellent place to do your last minute Christmas shopping, as many of these stores will ship internationally.

The Bangkok Movie Experience

The “Bangkok Movie Experience” is not to miss, as this city is known for its world-class theaters, featuring comfortable but cheap seats for your tired tush, enormous wide screens and salty, buttery popcorn. The best theaters are at Central World Plaza, Siam Paragon and Emporium Mall. After a long day of shopping at either of these malls, catch the latest Western blockbuster, or for a change, see a Thai, Japanese or Korean movie with English subtitles.

Bowling in Bangkok

Who doesn’t enjoy bowling, especially in a coastal Thai city where the bowling alleys aren’t crowded with rowdy teenagers and professional teams? Bowling takes on a whole new experience in Bangkok, with its modern, comfortable amenities and tasty bar food (usually french fries, cheese sticks and egg rolls). The bowling environment is welcoming to tourists, especially the elderly, and enjoys partaking in friendly, fun competition. Some of the best bowling alleys in Bangkok include Blue O-Rhythm Bowl, which features jazz and karaoke music, and 12 spacious lanes. Another favorite with tourists and locals alike is Cosmic Bowl, unique for its fluorescent lights. Who knows, maybe you’ll be better able to see the far-off white pins in the distance under bright pink lights? At all these alleys, you can rent shoes, a ball and a lane for around $8 to $10, excluding food.

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