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Originally just a small fishing village on the banks of the Chao Phraya river, Bangkok has blossomed into a huge and thriving metropolis. A favorite for tourists and travelers of all sorts, Bangkok is a fairly common destination on cruises that tour southeast Asia. There are 2 ports that are commonly used by cruise ships, Laem Chabang, which is just to the southeast of Bangkok's city center, and Khlong Thoey, which is closer to the city but does not have capacity for as large of ships as does Laem Chabang . If you are going on a tour of this region, it is definitely worthwhile to make sure you have a stopover in Bangkok. The city has a great array of things to do and places to see. If you are staying in Bangkok for your entire holiday, not taking a cruise, there is also the option of river cruises, which run from half-day to overnight.

Choosing a Cruise

Most cruises that include a stop in Bangkok on the itinerary are focused primarily on southeast Asia. Bangkok is one of the more common destinations on southeast Asian cruises, along with Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City and Hong Kong. Short to medium length cruises will usually go no further than Hong Kong, although you can find some that start in Shanghai and including all the major tourist cities of China and Japan before ending up in Bangkok or Singapore. If you take a longer cruise, you may leave from Australia, which will give you more of an opportunity to explore the cities of Papa New Guinea and the Philippines.

Taking a River Cruise

If your plan is to spend your entire vacation in Bangkok and not take a long cruise, you can still enjoy a cruise on one of Bangkok's luxurious river barges. The river barges offer 5-star accommodations, on board dining and activities, and can range from a single day cruise to a cruise of 2 or 3 nights. 

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