Budget Travel Ideas in Bangkok

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Bangkok is one of the most highly visited cities in the world and with good reason - it's a great location to visit on a budget. Teeming with both cheap lodging and inexpensive food and entertainment, Bangkok is one of the best destinations for budget travel in the world.

Budget Transportation in Bangkok

While you have to ride a tuk tuk (taxi) at least once while in Bangkok, riding one as your sole means of transportation wears on the budget quickly. The MRT and bus system are the best ways to travel throughout the city for cheap.

Budget Accommodations in Bangkok

Thailand’s commitment to hospitality shines in its accommodations. There are numerous guest houses throughout the city that offer not only decent lodging, but in most cases a nice restaurant as well. Most guesthouses are run by families and can add some great experiences to your trip that you would not get otherwise.

Khao San Road is a popular destination for budget travelers and backpackers, and the location of many of the city’s budget accommodations. However, this area can be very loud at night with lots of bars and people outside late. If you want something a little quieter, look for lodging situated at least a couple streets off the main road.

Budget Food and Drink in Bangkok

The easiest way to stay on a tight budget in Bangkok is to not eat Western food, as it is some of the most expensive in the city. There are roadside stalls throughout the city that offer delicious homemade foods that you can try for your entire stay and not get bored. From noodles to som tum (papaya salad) to pad Thai, all the tastiest of Thai food can be purchased right on the street, or in small family-run restaurants throughout the city. Wash it down with a chilled bottle of Chang Beer and you have the meal of a budget traveler.


In Thailand, as well as most of Southeast Asia, bartering is a way of life for purchasing many goods and services. When shopping at markets and anywhere that the price is not written down (like in a restaurant), it's up for negotiation. Being aware of this and working to get the best deal is a useful skill for any budget traveler.

Bangkok is a great place to explore on the cheap. Many deals are waiting for the savvy traveler – it's just a matter of stepping outside of the norm and exploring this great city.

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