When to Go in Singapore

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Singapore is a great place to visit any time of the year but during Chinese New Year the atmosphere is electric and the festivities are abundant. 

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is celebrated in January and the Chinatown area of the city comes to life with festive colors, decorations, lights, and luminaries. This is one of the primer festivals in the city. Parades, called Chingay, wonder through the streets and a big bazaar can be visited where you can buy all kinds of interesting things from food, flowers and handcrafts. This festival goes at least fifteen days from the middle of January to the middle of February. It is not unusual to see young men in traditional dress dance to attract good luck. Be sure to visit vendors on Terengganu and Pagoda Street to get the best buy on interesting items. Chinatown decorates its streets with lights and lanterns and other displays that rival Christmas Decorations in the United States. Many displays are in the form of the lucky orange and the animal of which the year corresponds. In Kreta Ayer Square there are cultural plays and Chinese Opera not to mention traditional tea ceremony demonstrations. Don't miss the Chingay Parade on Marina Bay where you will see floats with mythological creatures.

January Festivals

There are other things going on in Singapore besides the Chinese New Year in January. The M1 Singapore Fringe Festival is at the beginning of January. This is a festival of theater, film, dance, art and music and it is all displayed by local artists. There is a different theme every year and it is a big event in the city. 

Volvo Ocean Race

In the middle of January the Volvo Ocean Race makes a stopover in Singapore.  Participants have to go 9 months on the sea in a tough race. Singapore is one of their stops. 

River Hongao

River Hongao hosts a cultural festival at the end of January beginning of February.  Performers dress up as Chinese myths and legends to tell their stories. Don't be surprised to see the God of Fortune and all the Chinese Zodiac Animals walking down the street. There are other performances and lots of exotic and traditional Chinese food. Night time brings lots of fireworks. 


Also the end of January and beginning of February is the Huayi, 10 days of Chinese theatre, dance, art and music performances, many of which are free and go on all day long. 


Going during the month of January will bring you during the Northeast monsoon season and temperatures are a bit cooler than the rest of the year, which is a really good thing. Enjoy the month of January in Singapore with the Chinese New Year and a host of other seasonal festivities.

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