Things to do in Singapore

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Singapore is a country of many cultures, including Chinese, Arabic, Dutch and Malay. This blend of backgrounds makes a trip to Singapore very interesting. Singapore has many attractions to offer that are as varied as the ethnic landscape of this country.  

Sightseeing Ancient Historical Sites

Most of the places to see and visit in Singapore are of a religious nature, like the Al-Abrar Mosque that is located on Telok Ayer Street. This temple is one of the earliest temples in Singapore. Most historical places are free of charge. Some shrines request donations for the maintenance of the buildings. It is highly recommended that modest clothing is used when visiting.

Visiting the Singapore Botanic Garden

Here you can find a wide variety of orchid breeds, along with plants and spices that represent the cultural blend of Singapore. There is a banana plantation amidst a rose garden and a sundial that has pruned hedges. Admission is free of charge. If you're driving to the Gardens, you can take Via Bukit Timah Road, or by bus you can use the following routes of the SBS: Transit 66, 151, 153, 154SMRT 67, 171.

Going on a Night Safari

This is an open air zoo that recreates the habitat of the animals it houses. It is barely lit to create an effect of darkness under the moonlight. The Zoo has recreated the landscape of many different regions around the world, like Africa and South East Asia. It appears as if the animals are free, but there are barriers that are hard to see. The zoo opens at 7:30 am and closes at midnight. The admission is S$45.00 for children and S$22.50 for kids.


Golf is a very popular sport in Singapore, but many country clubs only allow their members to play in them. There are places that allow other people to use their court if they have an international par certificate.

Shopping at Serangoon Road

This is the place to be in order to get a taste of the cultures that make up Singapore. You can find people making garlands out of jasmine flowers. You can also find DVDs of some of the best Bollywood movies. For those who love food, there is no other place where you can find a large variety of spices to make the best Indian or Chinese food. Note that most people have Sunday as their day off, and because of this most places are crowded. Write about your favorite things to do in Singapore now!

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Changi Golf Clubsss

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The Changi Golf Club was founded in 1946.

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address:20 Netheravon Road, Changi, Singapore 508505
tel:Tel: +65-5455133 Fax: +65-5452531

Executive Golf Club

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