Senior Travel in Singapore

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Founded as a British trading colony in 1819, Singapore has become a great tourist destination and one of the world's most prosperous countries. A thriving metropolitan port and a melting pot of different cultural influences, Singapore is a great place for seniors to travel. Some of the advantages of Singapore include excellent food, some great shopping, including both bargain friendly shopping bazaars and upscale malls, and a balmy tropical climate. The largest ethnic group in Singapore is Chinese, which make up about 75 percent of the population. 

A Safe Place to Travel

Unlike its neighbor to the north, Thailand, Singapore has a strong emphasis on law and order. Strict laws on everything from drugs to billboards keep the city clean and safe, making it a great place to be a tourist. If you have any medication as a standard carry-on, it is important to bring prescriptions to avoid any hassle. More serious medications, particularly sedatives such as Valium or Diazepam or opiates like Codeine, should be cleared ahead of time with the Health Sciences Authority. Another advantage for senior travelers in Singapore is that culturally seniors are considered to be due a great deal of respect, which can prove extremely nice if you need to ask directions or need help with anything.

Making Your Way Around Town

For seniors it is important to have an easy and reliable way of getting around. Singapore makes this easy with a great public transportation system. Trains are the major mode of transportation in Singapore. There are 2 main train systems, the MRT, or Mass Rapid Transit, and the LRT, or Light Rail Transit. They are cheap, easy to manage, and reliable. To supplement the rail system there is a bus system, but for the most part it is best to stay on the trains, which are easier to manage and more comfortable. If you need to go somewhere that's off of the rail system, the easiest way it to go by taxi. Unlike many cities in that part of the world, taxis in Singapore almost always have meters and drivers are usually honest.

Getting a Deal

It is often possible to get discounted rates for being a senior citizen in Singapore. The best way to ensure you are getting the best deal you can is to ask up front when you are making your travel arrangements . Hotels, rental car services and restaurants all frequently offer discounts, particularly if you make a point to ask about them before you make reservations or purchases.

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