Cruises in Singapore

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Singapore is an island state located to the southern end of the Malay Peninsula. Singapore is a very small nation but is one of the most popular destinations in the region. There are several things you can do in Singapore, and taking a cruise is one of the popular activities for many tourists.

River Cruise

The river cruise operates on the Singapore River and is one of the most popular ways of enjoying Singapore. The trip offers visitors a chance to experience the heritage and rich culture of Singapore while cruising down the river. You can experience the amazing sights and sounds from the river banks. There are 2 types of cruises that are available on the river. Both the cruises will take you past many of the old bridges and historic buildings, Boat Quay, Marina Bay and Clarke Quay. 

Harbor Cruise

Located at Clifford Pier, the harbor cruise allows you to tour the Singapore Harbor while enjoying a comfortable ride. The cruise operates everyday and is a great way to experience Singapore from the water. You can easily get to Clifford Pier from Raffles Place. It is just about 0.2 km away. The cruise takes past some of the most beautiful buildings and landmarks in Singapore including the Raffles’ Landing Site, Padang, Merilon Park and the Fullerton Hotel. 

Royal Caribbean Cruise (Asia) Pvt. Ltd.

The Royal Caribbean Cruise is another way to explore Singapore. The cruise will take you through the Singapore River past many of the most beautiful places in Singapore. A cruise is a great way to enjoy the beauty of Singapore. The cruise will also take you past the City Hall, Parliament House and Supreme Court.

Cheng Ho III

Cheng Ho III is the latest addition to the river cruises. This is a fully air-conditioned cruise vessel that includes karaoke with its own sound system on each deck and a screen and projector on its lower deck. The cruise departs from the harbor just in time for you to catch the glorious sunset while enjoying a cocktail in the cool of the evening. The vessel has the capacity to carry 200 passengers and is ideal for a dinner outing.

Fantasy Cruises

Take a fantasy cruise in Singapore and enjoy a day or an evening out on the water. Enjoy the beauty of this small country as you sail on the cruise boat. This cruise is ideal if you are looking for a cruise to take you around the city and experience the wonders of Singapore. Enjoy the beauty of the Singapore harbor at night with the beautiful lights in the background as you sail.

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