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City Hall area, view of Padang (the field)

City Hall area, view of Padang (the field)

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A city-state in Southeast Asia, Singapore is one of the most successful areas in the world. Singapore was founded in 1819 and currently has an average population of 4.5 million people and is the second most densely populated area in the world. Singapore combines the big-city elements of skyscrapers, subways and bustling streets with traditional Chinese, Indian and Malay food, culture and goods. An all-inclusive city, Singapore is diverse enough to please anyone of any age and background.


Singapore is broken up into multiple districts that all have specific meaning and purpose. The Orchard District is the best for shopping with miles of shopping malls where the Riverside (also known as Civic) District is the historic district of Singapore. This spot is where you want to come to view historic architecture and statues, tour museums and theaters. Chinatown and Little India are 2 districts that are heavily influenced by China and India, providing even more ethnic diversity on this island.


English is the main language spoken throughout so you won't have to worry about not being able to get around. The major religions in Singapore are Muslim, Hindu, Taoism and Roman Catholic. There are places of worship all over the city. A visit to one of these culturally enlightening locations is not one you will want to miss.

The biggest attractions in Singapore are the museums in the Orchard District, the Singapore Zoo, beaches on the East Coast or Sentosa as well as a hike through the lush, tropical rain forests. The Esplanade Theater is another huge tourist attraction. Located in the Riverside District, the theater is home to the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and is visited regularly by local bands and touring artists.


When budgeting your stay in Singapore, it is important to know the currency and what your money is worth. Compared to 1 Singapore dollar, the U.S. dollar is worth about $1.40 and the euro is worth about $2.01. It is definitely cheaper to travel to Singapore than to other Asian or European countries. Being that this is the case, shopping is easily the most popular pastime in Singapore. Accommodations vary in price so it will be easy to book a hotel based on what your budget will allow. Food is priced based on where you go. There are high-end restaurants as well as street markets--which are always the best places to get your fill of ethnic cuisine.

Note: Brunei peg their dollar to Singapore. Our currency is independent. Roman Catholic and Christians are the majority religion in Singapore.

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