Zamboanga Travel Guide

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The city is melting pot of cultures. Major proofs for that are the colorful vinta sails and the imposing stoneworks of Fort Pilar. Fort Pilar was built in 1635 by a Jesuit priest engineer and Spanish authorities to ward off attacks from Moros and foreign invaders. The fort was eventually converted to a shrine and miraculous powers are attributed to the statue of Our Lady of the Pillar. Other highlights to see are Plaza Pershing and the island of Great Santa Cruz. Plaza Pershing is a quaint remnant of a typical Spanish square, renamed in honor of a former American Governor of the Moro Province. Pettit Barracks was established by U.S. Occupation Forces in 1899 and named after its commanding officer. The major natural attraction is Great Santa Cruz Island, which is known for its pinkish sand beach. On the island is a fishing village, a lagoon and an old Muslim burial ground. Important notice: Mindanao and especially the city of Zamboanga experienced some kidnapping incidents. Please do not walk around during night-time and do not leave the city centre.
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