When to Go in Philippines

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In the Philippines, when to go can be a crucial part of how your vacation plays out. There are 2 basic seasons in the Philippines, wet and dry, with typhoon season overlapping the wet season. Naturally, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider for both seasons. Here's a quick look at what you can expect:

Dry Season

For most of the Philippines, the dry season lasts from November to May, with January through May being the most popular times for tourists. The days are usually long and sunny, with humidity staying extremely low and cool breezes blowing through. Keep in mind that as the season progresses the temperature gets warmer, with May hovering around 40 degrees C. If you're going to be traveling around Easter, be sure to book several months in advance, as this is a peak tourist time. However, it can be worth the crowds to witness some of the Easter festivals. You may want to stay away from the extreme eastern side of the country, though, as they actually experience their wet season during the rest of the country's dry spell.

Wet Season

From mid-May through October is the wet season in the Philippines, with June through November also being typhoon season. Days are usually hot and humid, with rainfall being common and harsh. The rain peaks between July and September, as typhoons that come near the Philippines unleash harsh winds and several days of downpours. Luzon and the Visayas are the 2 areas that get the most damage from typhoons, but they also experience a bit more dry weather than the rest of the country during this time. The best places to visit during the wet season, however, are the central islands-such as Bohol and Cebu-as they are sheltered from a lot of the rains. It's also worth noting that prices drop dramatically during the wet season, so you're sure to get good deals on hotels and airline tickets. Just be prepared for flight cancellations and scary drives through landslide-prone areas. Worth noting for divers is that it is still possible to get some dives in during the wet season.

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