Silago, Southern Leyte, Philippines Travel Guide

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Batong Dako

Batong Dako

Shirly ,The Silago Tourist Inns, From Manila, one could take different forms of transport to Tacloban City and jump off to the pristine town of Silago. The Philippines flag carrier airlines, Philippine Airlines regularly flies to Tacloban and so does Cebu Pacific Airlines with the latter offering lower budget fares all year round. Flights to Tacloban City usually takes only an hour.
Sea travel options are also available to Tacloban City for those who enjoy and love to board seafarers around the islands. This is also the preferred transport mode by traders and travelers carrying bulk and loose cargo to Tacloban City. Sulipicio Lines, Gothong Lines and WG&A Lines have available trips to Tacloban and its surrounding areas and islands.
For the more in-depth traveller with a lot of time to spare and the need to ply the routes to Southern Leyte by land, there are various Bus Lines to the Province of Leyte from Manila. Commuter Buses are usually garaged at the Pasay City Bus Terminals along EDSA. Philtranco, Eagle Star and other transport companies are available on a regular basis year round.
The highly scenic “land trip” to Silago, Southern Leyte from Manila covers a 2-day travel over approximately 800 kilometers of driving through highways and bi-ways across several provinces of Southern Tagalog, Camarines, Bicol, Samar and Leyte. Although national highways and roadways are available, it is ill-advised to take smaller vehicles for this trip due to the partial rough road and terrain involved.
Whatever mode of transport one takes to Silago, getting there is an entirely exhilarating experience. Upon reaching the town center of Silago, one could not miss the new Silago Tourist Inns. Easy check-in with thirst-quenching welcome drinks and the beautiful smiles of the staff make geting here most rewarding.
Silago Tourist Inns is operated by Lisa L. Amoro, owner and proprietor of Golden Infinity Corporation. Amenities and services are made available to guests at Silago Tourist Inns who are here for business, pleasure or simply some time to spare. The new Silago Tourist Inns comes complete with a Front Desk Reception, a Cafe, a Facial Center and Spa, Cable Tv, Aircon and Fan Rooms that meet both guests’ sleeping and budget requirements matched with fresh linens, towels and toiletries upon check-in. Free breakfast is served at the Cafe each morning. Lunch, Dinner and Snacks are available anytime.
Silago Tourist Inns is the best jump-off point to a variety of activities in Silago. Things to do while on a break in Silago does in fact have a lot to offer. White Sands, Island Hopping, Swimming, Diving (your own gear), Jet Skiing, Boating, Rod/Line/Spear/Troll Fishing, Treks, Forest Adventures like Hot Springs, Water Falls, Caves and Camping. All these may also be available elsewhere, one might say. But the genuine difference is the fact that ,in Silago - and its neighboring townships and islands, most of the places you will see are as untouched and undisturbed by unnatural forces. They are as pure as they can get. Here you will experience what both “native” and “nature” truly means. Imagine pure natural coconut drinks fresh from the trees while firing up a freshly caught fish and lobsters cooking in coconut, palm leaves,nutshells and husks to dine over bamboo tables and chairs under a “nipa” hut in the middle of a white sand beach stretch that you get to choose while aboard a wooden¬ “Banca” made of local wood hulls and bamboo outriggers with panoramic views and the pacific sunset in the background. Come to Silago, Southen Leyte for a truly exotic and relaxing experience. The towncenter also offers other services you may require. The local government Municipal Hall and Mayor’s office are just a few steps from Silago Tourist Inns. The local Police and Military station is right in the heart of the town center. The Silago Church is located in the sprawling greens of the Silago park square. The Silago Health Center is always ready for medical services you may need. Globe and Smart communications and services are available in the area. The Silago Bus Terminal is also just a few feet away. The new public market, “sari-sari” stores and general merchandise establishments offer goods and services at reasonable rates. Getting around within the Silago area is easy with “habal-habals” (commuter motorcycles) plying the roads to and from Silago 24hours.

SILAGO awaits....see you soon!

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