Senior Travel in Philippines

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To travel to Asia and not visit the Philippines is like visiting New York City and not visiting the Statue of Liberty. The country of the Philippines is one of the jewels of Southeastern Asia. There are a lot of things to see and do. When you are in this wonderful country you will not stop due to the number of the Philippines senior travel ideas. Most seniors want to enjoy the country and relax, and the Philippines offers a wide number of opportunities to do just that.

Flea Market at Zamboanga City

One of the most wonderful things about traveling is that you can buy things that are native only to that area. Buying local art, whether it is pottery, embroidered clothing or any other form of art, helps perpetuate the endurance of that place. It also gives the traveler a treasure to take back home. One of the many places where one can have this opportunity is in the flea market of Zamboanga City.

Eco-Tourism at Cagayan de Oro

The Philippines has many different ecosystems. Two of these that could be easily seen are the sea and the rain forest. At the rainforest you can see the biodiversity of the place. There exists a wide array of flora and fauna that is endemic to the Philippines and not found anywhere else. Some examples of these are the tarsier of Bohol and the tamaraw of Mindaro. There are around 1000 species that make the forest their home.

Santa Cruz Island

The island of Santa Cruz is a paradise inside a paradise. If you are fortunate enough, you will see the sands of the beach that have a pinkish color to them. Seniors can try to snorkel or to just look at the wonderful coral reefs that reach the shore. Seniors can also hire a canoe and enjoy the view of the place.

Trip by a Carabao to Villa Escudero

Despite of the poverty of the area people are still trying to earn a living. One of the many ways Villa Escudero makes a profit is by encouraging tourism. There tourists can catch a glimpse of people doing their everyday activities. In Villa Escudero you get to see that and more. You can also ride on a Carabao, a water buffalo, around the village.

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