Sights in Calbayog

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Malajog Beach and Mariculture Zone

Stretching about 200 meters long of grayish sand and cold blue waters with towering rocks at its south and three (3) beachfront balconied cottages.  The resort gives a south sea island touch and is frequently visited by metropolitan VIPs, movie stars and foreign dignitaries.  It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Samar Island located in Brgy. Malajog, Tinambacan district of Calbayog City.

Malajog Floating cottages for rentals are now available. Amenities include a private closed-in bedroom, commode and bath. Private-run 24-hour security personnels are in place, to ensure safety for tourists and visitors.

Local services include Meals on-order and delivered to cottages, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Photos, amenities, packages costing are readily available by contacting the personnels. For  inquiries, please contact Long Ilagan, call 011 63 915 547 6901, Remy Ygbuhay 011 63 927 93 53771.


Location: Situated at the fringes of Barangay Longsob, Oquendo District, Calbayog City. Thirty (30) minute ride to Cabugawan and 50-minute hike to Lungsod Cave.

Description: Its large entrance leads one to a natural tunnel with uneven ceiling, some portions touching one’s head giving the adventurer an eerie trip through dark, cool interior.

Mapaso Hot Spring

Location: Barangay Rizal II, Oquendo District, Calbayog City. Thirty (30) minute ride to Oquendo from Calbayog plus 15-minute hike to the Spring.

Description: As the name suggests, “mapaso” literally means hot. Fresh crustacean (pokot) abounds. They are naturally pinkish resembling scalded shrimps due to the high temperature.

Mawacat Slide

Location: A 35-minute ride from Oquendo District, Calbayog City proper to Barangay Mawacat and a 25-minute walk thereafter along a foot trail lined with tall shady trees.

Description: A natural spoon-like formation which inclines more or less by about 45 degrees and stretching 50 meters long. Water flows along this giant cistern and from the top, one can slide through the mossy lane to the cool inviting pool below.

Bangon-Bugtong Falls

Location: From Brgy. San Joaquin of Calbayog City, it is a 1-hour and 15-minute ride to Barangay Tinaplacan plus 45-minute walk to the vicinity of the falls.

Description: Among the family of waterfalls of Calbayog City, Bangon, Bugtong Falls is one of the most majestic and spectacular spots that is worth visiting. As one ascends the stream, he will be amazed to see a circular pond of about 30 meters in diameter, wide enough for swimming and deep enough for diving. The cascading water seems to come from streams flowing endlessly resulting from the pressure of its disgorge which becomes even bigger in volume and noticeable as the time of the day passes. Bugtong Falls is not only a tourist spot but also a potential source of power for Calbayog City and its neighboring localities.

Tabokno Falls

Location: Barangay Caybago, Oquendo District, an hour drive from Calbayog City and 40-minute walk from the villages.

Description: A beautiful and scenic waterfall. This wonderful creation of nature is a favorite picnic site of local residents and their source of potable water.

Danao Cave

Location: At Danao I some 14 kms. toward the western coast of Calbayog City.

Description: Made up of seven chambers inhabited by various species of snakes and bats as evidenced by a good deposit of guano. The cave serves as an initiating place for those who want to acquire talisman.

Pan-As Falls

Location: Brgy. Pilar, Oquendo District, one hour drive from Calbayog City proper; plus 1-hour walk onwards from the village.

Description: More than a beauty spot, this falls is the primary source of water for its residents. At places where the cataract is so high, the water falling into the pool below becomes a mere mist.

Samar Archeological Museum and Research Center

Location: Christ the King College, Calbayog City.

Description: Opened on April 11, 1970, it is the first and only museum in Samar island. A collection of archeological artifacts including burial jars and covers, log coffin, jarlets, cups, howls, saucers and dishes dating back to the 14th Century; coins, heirlooms, old household items, religious items such as saints, altar, chalices and monstrance.

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