Samar island Travel Guide

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The Phillipine archipelago comprises over 7,000 islands and Samar is the third-largest one, connected to Leyte_island on the southwestern side and bordering on the Pacific Ocean on the eastern side. The island has beautiful beaches, hot springs and an impressive natural park.

The Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park is located in the southern tip of the province and was founded to preserve the caves and rainforest. Near Gandara, one can visit the Blanca Aurora Waterfalls. The capital Catarman is the largest of the 25 towns on the islands.

Catarman area is unspoilt by tourism, and has few tourist amenities. Small friendly pension houses are the norm. Caterman has good market and provincial shopping, and is recovering very well from major fire that devestated central area.

Airport is very basic, making flights in and out interesting, as flight path is out to sea, with runway starting at beach, and road runs right through centre of runway!

Beatiful countryside, and small villages. Very clean beaches, but limited development (hunt out the few resorts).

Advised to travel only with local guide for safety, and to apreciate what this area offers.

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