Festivals in Quezon Province

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Quezon Province festivals are a part of Philippines’ heritage and lifestyle throughout the year. Celebrations include religious festivals and traditions in the Philippines' history.  Extravaganzas in the Quezon province feature colorful festivals that are rich with culture and experience for any traveler to the Philippines. Philippine fare, arts and crafts, and culture are exhibited in many of the festivals located in Quezon Province.

Tagkawayan Day

Although the first of this festival starts on January 1, it is a month-long activity lasting through to the Town Fiesta in February. Celebrations include fairs and crafts of the Tagkawayan. Walk through the exhibitions and select merchandise to buy. The Carabao Festival, held during this time, offers a parade full of color and decorated carabao.

Sinampalukan Festival

The colorful traditions are characterized within this festival introduced by the Spanish to the Philippines. The festival includes music, arts and crafts, and local products. Held in April annually, this festival reflects the culture of the people with dance troupes, bands, and items for sale.

Pahiyas Festival Lucban Quezon

In May, this festival welcomes visitors to see the many colors in the decoration of houses. Each neighbor competes to outdo each other neighbor with decorations. Tour the town to see all of the decorated houses during the festival. Prizes are given to the winning pahiyas, or agricultural harvest, for the harvest produced by local farmers. The celebration is in honor for Saint San Isidro de Labrador, the saint of farmers.

Pasayahan sa Lucena

This event is the town’s version of Mardi Gras. Held for 3 days during the last week in May, see bright, lavish costumes and floats similar of the ones seen in New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro. The cultural expressions of the people tour the streets during the festival. Groups dance in competitions from the participating organizations. During the celebration, try the local fare for a complete experience of Philippine culture.

Maubanog Festival of Mauban

The Maubanog Festival is a 7-day extravaganza of culture featuring the area’s colorful history. Cuisine and the locals’ nipa wine are available to try. This carnival festival fills the streets with dancing competitions, a boat race, singing competitions, a street party, a ball, exhibits, presentations, and a wine-drinking competition. Fireworks are displayed and many more activities are available for the whole family.  The festival takes place during July and makes summertime an excellent time of year to visit Quezon Province.

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