Practical Information in Philippines

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Barhopping can be fun. Traveling around Angeles city you will find many clubs. My favorite one is Klub Caterva. It has a dance floor and a DJ. They play the latest music and have the best cold beer around.

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Website and IT companies

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Cebu is a hotbed of IT outsourcing companies.  Just three years ago, Web design and development for example was unheard of other than local companies.  Today, however, they are one of dozens of niches that are popping right and left with foreign investment.

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Retiring in Philippines

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A clean, safe and laid-back lifestyle is offered by Yats Clearwater Resort & Country Club for people to retire in Philippines. 


Clark Freeport is for sure the best proposition for retirement in the Philippines especially for those who still want to be useful and productive.  The three critical factors of cost, safety and cleanliness are all present.   However it pays to plan this out properly to avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road.  Remember that Philippines is still a 3rd world country and that means one has to expect 3rd more..

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