Nightlife and Entertainment in Olongapo City

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One of the most enjoyable aspects of visiting Olongapo City is taking in the Olongapo City Nightlife. The best thing about Olongapo City’s nightlife is that there are plenty of choices; you can choose from a variety of different types of entertainment. Whether you want to go dancing with friends or a stroll on the boardwalk, there is something for everyone.

Magsaysay Boulevard

If you are looking for a fun and adventurous night, you will need to go and check out the action on Magsaysay Boulevard. One thing about Magsaysay Boulevard is that it is a great spot for both locals and tourists to get together, which means as a tourist you can experience some of the locals' nighttime customs. While out on the Boulevard you will need to try some Balot, a delicacy that is not offered during the day.

Times Square

If you and the family would rather catch a movie, Times Square is the place to go. Times Square offers a great selection of movies, and it is affordable. Either before or after the movie you can also grab a quick bit to eat at one of the many restaurants that surround the theater.

Night Swimming

In Olongapo, many different places offer night swimming, which is a great way to spend the evening. In addition to going night swimming you can also camp on the beaches and have a bonfire, or you can sit around a bonfire playing games. One of the best places to go night swimming at is the Beach Resort, which you can find just off the highway.

Pier 1

If you are into the clubbing scene, then Pier 1 is the place for you to go. Here you will get an inside look at the nightlife in Olongapo City. Pier 1 has an open bar, but it also has a restaurant, so you can grab a bite to eat before you start dancing and drinking the night away. The main attention grabber at Pier 1 is the Live Band that the restaurant has performing at night, which can vary depending on the night.


If you prefer a moonlight stroll to dancing or drinking, taking a walk along the boardwalk is a great place to start. Walking along the boardwalk at night is also a great place for people watching. Seeing the boardwalk at night is a lot different from seeing it during the day because nighttime changes everything, from the types of people who are out to the businesses that are open.

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