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  Dumaguete city,on Negros Island in the Philippines, is best known for Silliman University the first  American university outside North America .The city is the educational center of the central and southern Philippines--home to 11 centers of excellence and development, and the largest private library in the country including what is a leading digital library with about 200,000 digitized volumes.The university is known for its work on the enviroment and coral reefs.Apo island, the best known marine preserve in Asia is considered one of the best diving spots in the world ,and was featured by the Smithsonian s Shedd acquarium in a year long exhibit.The island became the focal point for the award of the Asian equivalent of the Nobel prize-the Magsaysay Award-to a local scientist Dr.Angel Alcala,head of the US AID funded Silliman Marine Center for Coastal Research and Management.                                  Additionally Dumaguete is know as the focal point for telecommunications, with a suburb--Dawin, serving as the landing point for all fiber optic cables which link Manila,the capital ,with all cities south of Luzon.Deutsch Telekom ,through the local subsidiary,ISLACOM,and Siemens ,and the Chairnan, then,Frederick Dael donated a fiber optic system to Silliman University in 1998.This system became the core for what many consider the leading edge of digital telecommunications in the country comparable to most places in the world.This outstanding communications system and the large university system have attracted two large BPO/call center multinational companies to establish large  operations in the city.

Dumaguete City holds local events or fiesta annually. One of Dumaguete City’s exciting event is the ‘Buglasan‘ festival which is celebrated annually. A festival about the different municipalities and cities in Negros Oriental showing off their local delicacies and wonders depicted in small housing stuctures in the Sidlakan Village. It is one of the cities most highlighted event that lasts for a week with parades, concerts and fireworks displays.

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