Marikina Travel Guide

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The City of Marikina, known as the Shoe Capital of the Philippines, was formerly the capital of the province of Manila during the declaration of Philippine Independence. Located on the island of Luzon, Marikina is one of the cities and a Metropolitan municipality that make up the Metropolitan Manila Area, the National Capital Region of the Philippines. It also belongs to Eastern Manila District of Metro Manila's four districts.

Marikina City is located along the eastern border of Metro Manila; it is bordered on the west by Quezon City, to the south by Pasig City and Cainta, Rizal, to the east by Antipolo City (the capital of Rizal province), and to the north by San Mateo (also in Rizal). It is approximately 21 km. away from Manila.

Marikina was given the title the "Shoe Capital of the Philippines" because of its notable shoe industry. Shoemakers in the city recently finished creating the World's Largest Pair of Shoes and it was only recently that the Guinness Book of Records recognized this feat. The Shoe Museum located in the city is the home of the famous shoe collection of the former First Lady Imelda Marcos, shoes of the world leaders, past presidents, famous celebrities and persons, shoes of different countries around the world etc., and contains the largest collection of pair of shoes in the world.

The people of Marikina are amongst the most disciplined in the Philippines. Marikina City is considered as one of the healthiest and livable cities within the Asia-Pacific, and it is also the most industrialized and business-savvy city in Metro Manila. Marikina City is one of the wealthiest local government units (LGU) in the Philippines in terms of current assets, cash in banks, share of internal revenue allotment (IRA), gross income and gross net income. The city features many spacious parks, tree-lined streets, bikelanes, boulevards and commercial areas. Despite the latter, most of the city is classified as residential.

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