Marawi City Travel Guide

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                   The Islamic City of Marawi

                       Prof. Pandao O. Bula

Brief History


            Marawi City is situated in the central part of Mindanao facing the Lake Lanao in the southern part. It is bounded by municipalities of Saguiran and Piagapo in the northern portion, municipalities of Kapai and Ditsaan-Ramain in the eastern portion, and municipality of Marantao in the western portion. It ha a total land area of 87.05 square kilometers which is 0.72 percent of the 12,061.82 square kilometers total land area of Lanao del Sur.


        Marawi City is the provincial capital of Lanao del Sur consisting 96 barangays with a total population of 170,446 (2009). The city has a favorable climate that is cool and pleasant.

The climatic condition is characterized under type IV which is the rainfall is evenly distributed through out the year. It has an elevation of 679.704 meters above sea level. The favorable climatic condition of the city is considered as one of the potential assets for tourist destination as a summer capital of the south. Marawi City is one of the safest areas in Mindanao as manifested by very low crime rate. It endowed with potential tourist-destination spots because of its rich natural resources including the unique culture and colorful cultural heritage and tradition of the Maranaw.



The Land Use Classification of Marawi City


Agricultural area of Marawi City is devoted to rice and corn crops as a main crop production. Other crops grown to the agricultural area are coffee, fruit trees, vegetables and other permanent crops which constituting about 68 hectares.   Non-agricultural area is consisting residential, commercial, industrial and public area shown in Table below:



Area (Has.)


A. Agricultural Area:










Devoted to other crops









B. Non-Agricultural Area










Public Area








The Natural Resources


1.      The Lake Lanao

The Lake Lanao or Ranaw is a largest fresh water lake in the Philippines with a surface area of 340 kmĀ². (131 square miles), it is the largest lake in Mindanao, and rank as the second largest lake in the Philippines and counted as one of the 15 ancient lakes in the world. Its main outlet is the Agus River utilizes by the National Power Corporation to energize its 7 grid hydro electric power (HEP) along the Agus River which is the   source of 70% power generation in Mindanao . Lake Lanao is the home of an endemic and palatable fish species. 2. The Mount Mupo (Sacred Mountain)

     Mt. Mupo is situated in the area of Barangay Papandayan and Guimba of Marawi City. It is proclaimed as one of the national park and protected area. The forest area covers around 372.986 hectares. A variety of high value timber trees such as narra, lawaan and tangile   are found in the forest of Mt. Mupo.


3.      The Mt. Siningcaongan or Signal Hill


The Mt. Siningcaongan is occupied as the home of the military camp of the battalion command of the Philippine Army. This small mountain is facing the Provincial Capitol of Lanao del Sur and the panoramic view of Lake Lanao .


The Cultural and Religious Festivities


1.      The Marawi City Foundation Day


The Marawi City Government is celebrating its annual Foundation Day

Every 15 th day of April. Its 29 th Foundation Day   was   celebrated in 15 th day of April 2009.


2.      The Two Eids   Religious Festival


The Eidil Fitr (at the end of the fasting during the month of Ramadhan) is annually celebrated immediately after the end of the fasting in the month of Ramadhan and the other Eid or Eidil Adha (10 th day of the month of Dhul Hajj) is also annually celebrated. This two occasions, the Maranaw are very generous to his brother Muslims. they are extending varieties of foods and fitra (alms) during the month of Ramadhan and inviting friends and relatives for kandori (party) during Eidil Adha.



Part or or all of this text stems from the original article at: Prof. Pandao O. Bula

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