Top 5 Must Do's in Manila

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Manila Must Do’s involves activities ranging from sightseeing to trekking and shopping to getting tanned on sandy white beaches across the amazing coastal towns of Manila. If you visit Manila for a few days, the following list of must do’s will definitely be useful for planning your itinerary.

1. Intramuros

Located on the bank of Pasig River, Intramuros, the oldest district of the city Manila is a historical place. Surrounded by walls and moats, Intramuros, was originally constructed by Spaniards and has plenty of magnificent antique historic structures and buildings exuding the Spanish influence. Besides, during the Spanish era, the district was fortified with several towers, bulwarks and reducto which still exist as remnants of the bygone colonial aristocracy. Each of these primeval fortifications has its own name like Baluarte de San Diego, Baluarte de San Gabriel, Barbara, Puerta Real and so on. Intramuros also boasts of stunning ancient structures like Manila Cathedral, Casa Manila, Fort Santiago, Palacio de Gobernador and statue of Queen Isabella II.   

2. Mount Pinatubo Trekking

If you like to experience some adventure through trekking, Mount Pinatubo is a must do for you. Situated about 90 kilometers north of Manila, the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991 formed a massive caldera lake which appears breathtaking with the canyons surrounding it. There you may blend in with the nature, bathing in the hot springs or you may ride a boat to see the other end of the crater. The best time to visit Pinatubo is during the summer from October to June.

3. Rizal Park

Situated near to Intramuros at the center of the city Manila, Rizal Park overlooks charming Manila Bay and is a favorite tourist attraction. Named after Philippine’s national martyr Jose Rizal, the park features every possible recreational facilities including Chinese and Japanese gardens, a chess plaza, a large stadium, the national museum of Philippines, a light and sound theatre, an amphitheater, a host of fountains, food joints, playgrounds and so on. At the center of Rizal Park is situated the magnificent Rizal monument purely made of bronze and few meters away from it is the marker pointing out the actual spot of Rizal’s execution.

4. Sandy Beaches

Needless to say, the white sunny beaches located in the close vicinity of Manila are one of the must dos of your trip. Nearest beaches from Manila are Puerto Azul and Marbella Marina in Cavite, a coastal town. You can spend a quality time here with family and friends getting tanned or enjoying a water sport activity.

5. Shopping

Manila abounds with shopping malls and plazas and therefore, shopping is definitely one of the must dos here. Some of the eminent shopping malls in Manila include SM Mall of Asia, Greenbelt Shopping mall, Rockwells Power Plant, Harrison Plaza and SM Megamall. Apart from malls, there are also book stores, handicraft stores, boutiques, markets and supermarkets where you can shop delightfully until you run out of cash.


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