Things to do in Manila

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The capital of the Philippines is Manila. Things to do are plentiful in this developed city. Theaters, museums and monuments provide options for activities. This bustling city is full of people and traffic as it is an industrial center for the Philippines. It is here that cultures merge to provide a variety of exciting experiences.


This is an old Spanish city surrounded by a wall. There are historic buildings and ruins at this site. Intramurous is located on the southern bank of the Pasiq river. There has been a reconstruction effort to restore many of the buildings making this a popular tourist attraction. Parks have been constructed in the area making visiting Intramurous a more pleasurable experience. You can also watch a performance at Intramurous as there are on site performing venues. Art galleries hold exhibitions and souvenir shops are the perfect place to pick up something to remember your visit by. When you tire of walking around the city, restaurants offer delicious meals and a place to relax whilst soaking up the atmosphere. In Juan Street there are colonial houses that have been restored to their former glory.

Manila Bay

Watch the breath taking sunset over Manila Bay. The effect is created by high humidity levels and clouds. The best places to watch the sunset are Rizal Park or Boulevard Bay. Another popular option is to take a boat ride out onto the bay and watch the sunset from this vantage point.

Rizal Park

This huge park spans across 150 acres and offers many options of things to do. It is the perfect place to relax and have a family picnic. The Japanese garden and Chinese garden are both worth a visit. Rizal park is a good place to enjoy rollerskating and there is even a roller skating rink. Free music concerts held in the park offer a source of entertainment.

The Enchanted Kingdom

This amusement park has many exciting rides including a roller coaster and ferris wheel. There are also rides for children and play areas.

Manilia Ocean Park

The major attraction is a walkway tunnel which is 25 meters long. There are a variety marine animals to look at including species that are found in the Philippines. An overhang tanks means that you can watch sting rays swim above you. Tanks display sharks and different fish species. The Concourse Plaza is the venue for concerts and performances. The marine themed mall has a variety of restaurants to chose from and has different special stores where visitors can go shopping. The open water marine habitat  is a place where visitors can go for a refreshing swim. Diving and snorkeling facilities are available.

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