Shopping in Manila

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The Philippines, specifically Manila , is known for some of the great shopping in all of Asia. In fact, it is known as Asia’s ‘mall capital.’ With a mall or shopping area on every two blocks or so, it’s no wonder that the Philippines has earned such a notable title when it comes to retail. Whether you’re shopping for native goods and souvenirs or local designer fare, Manila is definitely the place to shop ‘til you drop.

Mall of Asia

Located on Roxas Boulevard, one of the busiest streets in Manila, this mall attracts millions of visitors each year. It is the second largest mall in Manila and attracts roughly 200,000 people daily. The Philippines has tropical weather and locals tend to flock to the malls for air-conditioning more than the shopping itself so expect to find these places packed with foot traffic. This mall contains numerous local stores including the chain Shoe Mart (SM) department store where one can find almost anything from house wares to clothing. Also housed in this mall are Western designer stores such as The Gap and Banana Republic. Aside from the shopping itself, the Mall of Asia offers many other entertainment options such as several movie theaters, an ice skating rink, and even a science center.

4 & 5

Found on Ayala Centre and Bonifacio High Street are two buildings known as Greenbelt 4 & 5. These buildings contain the well-known high-end designer shops such as Bulgari, Louis Vuitton and Armani. Though the goods may be expensive, it is a gorgeous place to visit as it is most definitely a world-class mall from the inside out.


The opposite end of the Greenbelt buildings is known as Divisoria. No stop to Manila is complete without hitting up the streets to engage in some haggling and bargain hunting in a typical Philippine outdoor market. Divisoria is the largest of these outdoor markets. Here you can find pretty much anything you may typically find a department store. Furthermore, you can buy in bulk and bargain with the vendors. Located close to Divisoria is ‘168 Mall.’ This offers the same kind of shopping experience with the luxury of being in an air-conditioned space. Beware of pickpockets in both places. With the spaces being so tight and a plethora of people, it’s bound to happen.

Greenhills Shopping Mall

This mall fuses together the idea of ‘Divisoria’ and upscale shops. Here you can find bargain items in bulk as well as local brand name items. A whole floor in this mall is dedicated to mobile phones while another to computer hardware.


Located at the edge of Ortigas, Tiendesitas has some of the country’s finest local handicrafts, souvenirs, and furniture. They also sell local agricultural products. They offer various items coming from all provinces of the Philippines.


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