Senior Travel in Manila

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Although Manila Senior Travel may sound like a contradiction in terms, rest assured that this most bustling (and often exhausting) of cities also offers plenty of opportunity for slower-paced sightseeing and exploring. There's no question that life in the city center is a constant whirl of activity, but with quiet tropical islands within easy reach, comfortable hotels in which to relax, and countless top-notch restaurants in which to sample local and international cuisine, you'll never find conditions too unbearable in Manila.

Manila - Accommodations for Senior Travelers

Manila attracts a wide a spectrum of visitors as can be imagined--from backpackers to business travelers on near-unlimited budgets, and everyone in between. As a result, there are accommodation options to suit all tastes and pockets, and older visitors to the city certainly won't struggle to find a good deal on hotel rooms in Manila. Service tends to be impeccable at nearly all establishments and, as most international currency goes a long way here, expect to be spoiled silly without paying a fortune. Among the best 4-star establishments in Manila is the Manila Pavilion which is situated close to the city's main attractions such as the historic center and the Rizal National Park. The hotel attracts a range of business travelers and older tourists so there's little danger of running into rowdy groups of young travelers looking for a party.

Manila - Things to Do for Senior Travelers

Manila has developed a reputation as something of a party city, but there is plenty to do here for those who are more interested in culture and sightseeing than extreme sports and bar-hopping. The ancient walled city is a must-do on any visitor's itinerary, and there are many beautiful historic churches and museums to admire as well as excellent museums, galleries and cultural centers. Among the not-to-be-missed sights are the excellent National Museum of the Philippines, which has an extensive collection of archeological and anthropological artifacts from throughout the country's history, and the beautiful 16th century San Augustin Church.

Day Trips From Manila

Volcanic spas, rolling countryside, stunning beaches and historic monuments can all be found within just a couple of hours' drive of Manila. The hectic traffic and smoke-spewing local transport can make driving in Manila a hair-raising task, so don't attempt to drive a car in Manila. Instead, sign up with one of the many tour companies that is on hand to whisk visitors from Manila to the many sites that surround the city. Keep an eye out for 'tour sharks'  on the streets, hawking low-quality trips for high prices. Your hotel or travel agent should be able to recommend reputable agencies.

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