Festivals in Manila

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Manila festivals are part and parcel of the culture of the Philippines.

Manila is famous for its cheerful and jovial spirit. You can always find a festival that is being celebrated every month, if not every week. Most of the festivals celebrate the Catholic religion. However, people from all denominations of faith attend the festivals. Some festivals are held specifically to attract tourists visiting Manila to get a brief glimpse into the various social activities and culture of the Philippines.

Sto Nino Festival

Sto Nino festival, also known as Sinulong, is held on a Saturday in the month of January to celebrate the child Jesus. A procession takes place in the streets where you can see more than 200 images of the child Jesus.

Feast of the Black Nazarene

The Black Nazarene Feast is held every year on January 9. A life-size statue of Jesus of Nazareth is carried through the streets. It is 1 of the largest processions in the country where a lot of people amass together and walk with one another. You will also see a lot of performances in colorful costumes.

New Year Festival

The Chinese New Year is celebrated in February. Fireworks and lion dances are held in nearly every city center at New Year’s. People gather at these festivals to usher in the New Year and greet one another on this happy and joyous occasion.


In the third week of January, a 3-day festival by the name of Ati-Atihan is celebrated. This is the Filipino version of Mardi Gras. This is celebrated in Kalibo in panay.

Good Friday

On Good Friday, rituals based on crucifixion of Jesus Christ are performed. A lot of people undergo scourges where they beat their backs with thongs. These are very popular attractions at San Fernando and Antipolo.

Flores de Mayo

This festival is held in the month of May to honor the Virgin Mary. Many processions are carried out.

Independence Day

Independence Day is celebrated on June 12 with military parades. It is a day of great joy for Filipinos.

Binabayani Festival

This festival is held at end of November on Saint Andrew's Day to ensure a great harvest. It depicts a dance of war between Aetnas and Christians. Binabayani is a small town near Olongapo city.


Christmas is celebrated with a lot of fervor in Manila. Most Filipinos are Christians and celebrate it for the 9 days leading up to December 25. They visit churches where beautiful nativity scenes are created to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ.

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