Family Travel Ideas in Manila

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Hidden Gems

Manila's reputation as a city that is polluted and crowded and it won't keep visitors inside it for more than a day is unfair. There are in fact plenty of options for tourists and a surprising number for Manila family travel.

Davao Crocodile Farm

This stands head and shoulders above many other family attractions with its huge range of crocodiles, eagles, monkeys, geckos and lizards. During the farm's special shows, these animals can be touched and felt by the public. During crocodile feeding time,a  tightrope walker makes his way across the dangerous creatures.

Enchanted Kingdom

The Philippines' only real theme park, Enchanted Kingdom, is a 45 minute drive out of the city in Laguna. It features the best Manila family travel has to offer, such as a roller coaster, and districts designed according to various themes such as 1930s New York and the Middle Ages, and a 4D cinema where your seat will shake around and you might get squirted with water. When it gets dark, there is an impressive fireworks display that lights the sky up above.

Ocean Park

This is Manila's premier water-based exploration attraction. Young and old will be impressed by the glass bottom boat trips that can be made through the aquariums jam packed with an enormous range of fish and sea life. Expert guides are on hand to tell you about the characteristics and details of the animals in the park. When you're finished, you're greeted at the exit by a fine selection of restaurants where you can buy Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Western food.

The Ecopark

A real sanctuary away from the bustle of downtown Manila is the Ecopark, a gloriously green and pleasant place where you can cook barbecues, eat picnics, go swimming in the outdoor pool and row boats around the artificial lake. The Ecopark is connected to a large dam from the top of which is a tremendous view of the landscape all around.

An Historical Day Trip

If you really want to delve into the rich and astonishing history of this city, be impressed by the classic architecture of the Spanish colonial period and afterwards, enjoy a pleasant, calm atmosphere not replicated elsewhere in Manila, then you should visit the walled district of Intramuros. This will definitely be the highlight of Manila family travel whoever you are and whatever the preferences of your particular family. Enjoy the heritage.

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