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The country's premier city, Makati offers a lifestyle of comfort and relaxation, wholesome environment, deluxe class hotels and restaurants as well as various places of interests.

Brief History

The history of Makati dates as far back as the time when Don Miguel Lopez de Legaspi first set foot on it and gave it its present name, as derived from the Tagalog phrase meaning "ebbing tide". Of course Makati had been in existence even before that, but all we know about it is that it was then part of the territory ruled by a chieftain called Lakan Tagkan and his wife, Bouan, who were living in Namayan, now part of Sta. Ana, Manila.

In 1589, when a permanent seat in the city corporation was put up for sale at a public auction in accordance with the custom of the period, Captain Pedro de Brito, then aside to the Spanish Army of Staff and chief constable of the Audencia, purchased the property which included the territory now occupied by Makati, for 1,400 pesos.

The House of Probation and its adjoining church were to be built on a hill called Buenavista, within the confines of a cattle ranch which the founders owned in a district called Makati. the church was to be placed under the patronage of Saint Peter. (This condition probably accounts for the prefixing of San Pedro to the name "Makati", which later on also came to be called "Sampiro").

Three centuries later in 1914, by Act No. 2390 of the Philippine Legislature, the name "San Pedro de Makati" was changed to "Makati" which has remained its official name today


Makati is located within the quadrangle of One Hundred Twenty degrees (120) latitude north and One Hundred Forty Three degrees (143) longitude east. It is bounded on the north by the Pasig River facing the city Mandaluyong, on the east by the Municipality of Pateros and on the northwest by Manila and on the south and southwest by the city of Pasay.

Political Subdivision

Makati is one of the eight (8) cities of the National Capital Region. The city is composed of two (2) districts further subdivided into thirty two (32) barangays the biggest of which is Forbes Park with 8.5 percent while the smallest is Kasilawan with 0.3 percent of the area.


Like anywhere else in the country, Makati has no pronounced seasons: the dry summer months from November to May and rainy months from June to October.


Filipino is commonly used being the national language. English is also widely spoken and the second language is for commercial and legal translation.


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