Las Pinas City Travel Guide

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If your vacation plans take you to the Philippines stop by Olongapo City . It is a mixture of the old world and vibrant new world as much of Asia has been and will continue to be. Olongapo City has a special distinction that occurred during WWII. Unlike other Philippine cities that gained independence in 1946 Olongapo City did not gain independence until December 7 th 1959. It was a naval base that was held under American control. There is still a maritime feel to the city but one could spend hours or even days wandering the city and not fully capture the essence of Olongapo City. While in the city here are the top things to do. From the seasoned backpacker to the person here on the business or the family on vacation, there is something for everyone.

Nightlife                                                                                                                                                               If you are looking for the excitement that is always spoken about look no further than Margazay street where you can find nightclubs, bars, hotels and sauna baths.   A unique way to arrive on Margazany street is by taking a Jeepney.   Jeepneys can be found most anywhere in the Philippines and are a fun and easy way to travel around the city.                                    

Relaxing   Activities                                                                                                                                         After a night on the town, head for the relaxing beaches of Subic Bay. Breathe the fresh sea air and take in the majestic mountains that form three sides of the bay. While you are there take a stroll up to Subic Bay lighthouse. This is a great spot for photography lovers. If you are still craving adventure Subic Bay has some of the greatest wreck diving in the world due to the war between Spain and the U.S. in addition to all of the Japanese vessels sunk during WWII.   

Water parks and Zoo’s                                                                                                                               Fun for the whole family can be found at South East Asia’s only Marine Water Park Ocean Adventure. Try swimming with false killer whales or diving. If you like heights enjoy the view from a seaplane. The land lovers among you will enjoy horseback riding and sunbathing. If there is an animal lover in your family you will not want to miss the Zoobic Safari. This is the only tiger Safari in the Philippines.   Zoobic Safari is not your normal zoo but a place where you can actually interact with the wildlife.  

Olongapo City is a hidden gem in the Philippines. Enjoy your stay and remember you can always come back.

By Sarah Rose-McGuire




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