Sights in Koronadal City

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When traveling to Koronadal city, there are many places that you can stop and enjoy the beauty of the area and, if you are looking for the top Koronadal City sights, there are many places to see. The area has many natural landmarks and scenic areas for you to explore when you are in the Philippines. Koronadal City has a lot of great places to stay, shop and explore, and it is a great choice for those traveling in the area. Here are a few of the best places to stop and see while in the city:

Underground Cave

The Underground Cave tells a story that is full of history and heritage and has been attracting tourists for many years. The tunnels in the cave make a great place to explore and are hidden in the vast mountain regions around the city. The stone walls are unique and beautiful to explore and to learn more about the history of the people.


The beautiful waterfalls are located in the highlands of the city, and you can enjoy the gentle cascading water and rocks as you take in some of the best in nature and the outdoors. The waterfalls are located right near the city and are a great place to hike, bike or travel to when you are visiting in the area.

Canopy Walk

The green ambiance of the canopy walk is something for everyone to enjoy while they are on vacation or visiting the city of Koronadal. The El Gawel is located on acres of the green beauty that is located right near the city. Tourists can enjoy the sights of nature and enjoy some fresh air while they take a walk under the shade of the green El Gawel.

South Cotabato Sports Complex

The South Cotabato Sports Complex is located in the city and has many sporting events year round that guests can both watch and enjoy.  There are plenty of fun activities to do. From the pool to the field, there are a number of sporting events that are held at this complex each year.  It is located in the city.


As the number of sites in the city are limited, you can enjoy shopping at some of the best shops in the city. The local community has much to offer when shopping in the area and tourists can find all of the shops that they need. Many of the local shops offer both the heritage of the city and local crafts and products. There are also many shopping centers for tourists to enjoy and find everything that they are looking for on their vacation.

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