Festivals in Philippines

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Festivals are huge part of Filipino culture. Olnogapo City in the Philipines is no different Philippines are no different with a festival almost every month. The only two months that do not have festivals are July and August. Check out some of the festivals below and see which one sparks your interest.

January- Sto Nino Festival

This festival is also known as Sinulong. This festival is held in honor of the child Jesus. There is a grand procession along the streets in which more than two hundred images of Jesus are paraded through the streets. The religious procession is held on a Saturday and a non-religious parade is held the next day.

February –Chinese New year

The Chinese New Year is held throughout most of Asia and Eastern cultures. It is one of the highlights of the Chinese calendar. It is heralded with much fanfare including fireworks, lion dances, family events and lots of great food.

March – Festival of Senakulo

This is the beginning of a holy time. During holy week there are rituals performed based on Christ’s suffering. In some cases the passion and crucifixion is re-enacted.

April - Dinamulag Mango Festival

This week long festival was actually created to celebrate a specific mango variety. This mango is thought be some Filipinos to be the best there is.

May – Santacruzan

This festival is in honor of St.Helena the discover of the “true cross”. There are a number of plays and re-enactments of King Augustine and a number of biblical characters.

June –Independence Day

There are parades in every town small and large. This is a great day for all Filipinos.

September – Tourism Week

This event is geared towards bringing more tourist to the Philipinnes. Olongapo City does their own special bit to get more tourists here.

October Ulo ng Apo Festival

This is a celebration of the history of Olongapo. One of the main highlights is the Mardi Gras.

November - Festival of   Binabayani

In late November on St. Andres Day a re-enactment of the dance of war is held between Aetnas and Christians. Binabayani is named after a small town near Olongapo city. It is believed that this dance will help ensure a great harvest for the year.

December –Christmas

Many Filipinos are Christmas and celebrate Christmas. They go to church the nine days leading up to the holiday. There are many life sized nativity scenes which are called benen’s.

No matter the time of year there will an exciting and unique festival which is held in Olongapo City.

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Gensan's Tuna Festival

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General Santos City celebrated Tuna Festival during the month of September. Every year, lots of events gives life to the GENERALS, including:

Street Dancing


Singing Contests

Dance Sport

Tuna related Games and Competitions

Events and Competitions surely bring the people into its fullest enjoyment.

Gensan's Tuna Festival is the only "TUNA FESTIVAL" in the whole world!!!

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