Top 5 Must Do's in Davao

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About an hour's plane ride from the capital city of the Philippines, Davao is a mountainous region with rolling hills tapping off into white sand shorelines. As a melting pot of many cultures, this place if famous for its many festivals, historical places and delicious local cuisine. To make your visit to this place truly memorable, here is a list of Davao must-do’s.

Attend the “Kadayawan” Festival

The Kadayan Festival celebrates Davao’s cultural, artistic and historical heritage and takes place the third week of August. The week-long thanksgiving celebration features tribal arts, showcases local products including the exotic fruits and flowers, and presents cultural dances and music by the different local tribes. Street dancing and a parade in full regalia take place during the last day of the celebration. Most hotels and inns surrounding Davao City are fully booked during the festival so it is best to book your accommodations early to avoid problems.

Climb Mount Apo

Rising over 10,000 feet from sea level, Mount Apo is the highest peak in the Philippines. Mount Apo has a very unique terrain with flat areas and three peaks. The highest peak is a 500-meter wide volcanic crater with a small lake. Geysers and small waterfalls can also be seen from the vantage point of the mountain. For bird lovers, the mountain is home to about 270 species of birds, of which 100 species are endemic to the area. Several trails coming from Davao and North Cotabato, a neighboring province, lead to Mount Apo’s summit. On the average, you can reach the peak after a two- to four-days' hike.

Get to Know the Endangered Philippine Eagle

Monkey-eating eagles, or Philippine eagles, are on the verge of being wiped out as civilization encroaches into their habitat. The Philippine Eagle Center is located in the tropical rainforest area of the town of Malagos, about a one-hour drive from Davao City and is home to 36 eagles, 10 of which have been breed in captivity.

Explore the Japanese Tunnels

During World War II, Japanese soldiers occupied Davao and created tunnels to get around the city undetected. Most of the tunnels located within Davao City are short, ranging from 300- to 1,000-meters long. When exploring the tunnels, start with the one located near the Matina Balusong, Diversion Road.

Relax at the Beach

Davao is well known for its white sand beaches and crystal blue waters. When visiting Davao, take time to relax and enjoy the waters of Davao Gulf and the nearby Samal Island. Tahoma Beach located right in the heart of Davao Gulf and Paradise Island Resort in Samal Island are two of the best places to soak in and relax after a day of exploring the sites of Davao.

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