Beaches in Dagupan City

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You will surely enjoy Dagupan City beaches while on vacation. Most of the beaches here are part of resorts and offer visitors an excellent beach experience. In fact, Dagupan City faces the South China Sea and has a wide expanse of sandy to rocky beaches, making this city a perfect destination for those seeking a unique beach experience.

Leisure Coast Resort

This family-oriented beach resort has a private beach front making it a safe haven for vacationing tourists and their families. The resort also aims to provide complete amenities to tourists as not only are it a beach resort, but it also has a hotel situated inside the resort. Swimming and water sports such as sailing, kite surfing is also offered. Moreover, restaurants and entertainment areas are also available inside. A day tour costs only $5 but if you are planning on staying in the hotel at the resort, room rates range from $10 to $100.

Bonuan Beach

For budget travelers, the best beach in Dagupan City is the Bonuan Beach. The beach is located in the Barangay of Bonuan and is very accessible. The beach charges $3 for a day while tourists who want to spend the night at this beach can pay for cottages which cost from $10 to $30. This beach is jam-packed with both locals and tourists usually during weekends and summer vacation.

Wave Runner Beach Resort

This resort offers a laid-back atmosphere for beach combers.  There are limited water sports offered by the resort but guests can snorkel and swim in the protected beach. But you can rent videoke machines which is a Filipino version of karaoke to enjoy your time in the beach. Accommodation costs between $20 and $50.

Bali Hai Beach Resort

If you want to spend your time in a secluded private beach, then you can head off to Bali Hai. This beach is located near the national highway of Dagupan City. The premier beach resort has several facilities such as a swimming pool, restaurant, garden, bar as well as a small port. A day at this beach will cost you only $5.

Marimar Beach

The resort only has a few cottages which can be rented for $30 to $50 a night. The beach also has a rustic restaurant which serves native cuisine. Situated in Barangay Aringay, Marimar Beach is a newly developed beachfront which makes it a good place to go to if you are looking for a secluded and pristine beach.

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