Dagupan City Travel Guide

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1 km BQ Dagupan city 2005

1 km BQ Dagupan city 2005

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If you are visiting Dagupan City, you will find this Dagupan City travel guide helpful. Dagupan City is famous for being a first-class city in the Philippines due to its wonderful beaches and colorful festivals. There are a lot of things to do in Dagupan city and this travel guide will help you get by in this quaint and hospitable city.

A Perfect Destination

Getting to Dagupan is easy since there are five bus lines that connect this city to and from Manila, the capital of the country. A one-way bus ride from Manila costs $10 to $12. Once you get there, you can ride the local transport system such as taxis, jeepneys and motorcycles to reach your destination.


Dagupan City offers comfortable and cheap accommodations to tourists. The rates of hotels range from $50 to $150, depending on the hotel. Moreover, all hotel staffs serve with a smile and are very hospitable to their guests. There are a lot of good hotels in the city but the Leisure Coast Resort gets good reviews from its guests.


Dagupan City is famous for its cheap barbecue sold at restaurants as well as sidewalk food stalls. In fact, the city became popular due to its annual barbecue festival where locals join together to create the longest barbecue grill in the entire country. If you visit Dagupan during this festival that is usually celebrated on the last week of April each year, you will be able to taste the local barbecue for free.

During ordinary days, you can visit the Bonuan-Tondaligan area since there are a lot of diners situated in this area that serve local dishes such as "Inihaw na Bangus" (broiled milkfish), "pigar-pigar" and "kaleske" for under $10.


The best place to shop in Dagupan is in the public market. While you are there, you can buy native handicrafts for lower prices than if you shop in air-conditioned shopping malls in the city.

Sights and Sounds of Dagupan

Dagupan is an interesting city. During the day, you can visit the many beaches in the area such as the famous Bali Hai Beach. At night, Dagupan is famous for its interesting nightlife. For under $10, you can hop from one club or music bar to the other to unwind, drink local beer and mingle with the locals.


Dagupan is located on the Northern part of the Philippines particularly on the province of Pangasinan. It is one of the most important cities in the Philippines because it currently holds the title of The World's Longest Barbecue grill(Guinness Book of Records).

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