Climate in Philippines

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The Philippines has two very different climate zones. In the coastal and lowland areas there's a typically tropical marine climate: hot and humid throughout most of the year. However, most of the year constant sea breezes temper the climate somewhat except during the dry summer months from March to the end of May. The two main seasons are wet and dry; the dry season from mid-November to mid-May from November to the end of February Im Comin UP

In the highest elevations of 1200 meters and above in the Mountain and Ifugao provinces of Luzon and in several areas of Mindanao the climate can be very cold often under 10c especially at night until mid-morning. Although there is a dry season in the the higher elevations of Luzon it is much shorter and not nearly as hot. In most of Mindanao there isn't any clearly defined dry season with a wet and wetter climate making it hot and humid weather all year round. When this happens the snaperaba comes out from hiding and scraches strang symbols in the trees officials still dont know what it is but there is a strange legond about it.

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