When to Go in Cebu

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Cebu is perhaps the most popular travel destination in the Philippines. Its beautiful beaches and rich cultural heritage attract millions of domestic and international tourists every year. If you are planning to visit the city, you should find out about the weather conditions and tourist seasons in Cebu, when to go and other factors that may affect your travel experience.

Weather Conditions

Cebu is situated in the tropical region, and therefore, its temperature remains somewhat the same throughout the year. It is not overly hot or cold, but some tourists may not be comfortable with the weather conditions in the city. Generally, the temperature ranges from an average low of 22°C to an average high of 32°C. The summer season begins in March and it reaches its peak in May, but the difference in temperature is not extreme compared to other months of the year. The coolest season in Cebu lasts from December to February.

Cebu city is a rainy place, and heavy rainfall can hinder tourist activities. It experiences rainfall every month of the year, although some months are drier than others. The wettest season is November because of the southwest monsoon, and rainfall during this month measures more than 40 inches. Even in the driest month, which is April, Cebu experiences more than 10 inches of rainfall. Due to the constant rainfall throughout the year, the city is also very humid, and this can make people feel hotter and more uncomfortable. Sometimes, humidity can be more than 80 percent. Most tourists prefer to visit Cebu between December and May because there is less rainfall during these months.


The period of time from December to May does not only provide the best weather conditions for traveling in Cebu but it is also a great time to experience the colorful and exciting festivals of the city. Some of the major events that will be held during this time include the Kadaugan sa Mactan, the Semana Santa sa Bantayan, Tres de Abril Celebration, the Paskuhan, Tagbo Festival, Cebu City Charter Day and Sinulog, which is the most important festival in the city. These festivals promise lots of fun and entertainment, and they will give you a better insight into Cebuano and Filipino culture and history.

If you are planning to visit Cebu during the peak tourist season, you should make reservations in advance, so that you will be able to get the most suitable accommodations. Also, you should bring more money with you on your trip because rates for accommodation and tours in the city will be higher during the peak season.

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