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Cebuanos are very proud of their local cuisine and so they should be. Whether it is tender calamari frittos that simply melt in your mouth, a tasty lechon manok (charcoal grilled chicken), or a grilled tuna belly garnished with calamansi juice, you will be spoiled for choice with the array and assortment of culinary delights on offer.

Whilst we don't claim to be experts, having traveled extensively around the world, we do know what's good and what's not! We have made some suggestions below which we suggest you check-out. One should definitely experience some of the sugba or sinugba (barbecue) restaurants or stalls.

Grills, Grills and More Grills

One that comes to mind is Tsibogs (prounouced - Chee boogs). Its famous, mouth-watering BBQ (to be washed down with lots of ice cold San Miguels...) will certainly keep you coming back. Another of the more famous is Larsians on Fuente Osmena – probably not the most hygienic place on earth but the food is good. Neo Neo on Mactan Island (just past the old bridge) is a clean, spacious and fun place to hang-out and enjoy high-quality grilled food. For those who love lechon baboy, (roast pig) most good grills serve it and the above establishments all

I Want My Chicks For Free and My MTV...(a royalty cheque would be a bonus)

If you prefer fancier, more upscale dining, there are a number of modern international restaurants.

For the finest local seafood offerings and a location to die for, head straight for the Shangri-La on Mactan. Ponder: A chilled buttery chardonnay, coupled with fresh lobster - devine. Throw in a couple of million stars delightfully twinkling above you, the soft beats of some ultra chic lounge music, the gentle sound of the sea lapping at the rocks below and your partner's glowing smile; divine intervention...

An interesting establishment that has opened in Mactan Island is Vine City Wine Bar and Restaurant (032 342 8927). Situated on the main highway, 50 metres past Marina Mall heading towards the new bridge. Delightful staff serve simple but high quality (pastas, steaks, salads etc.) fare and a reasonable selection of wines. Tastefully decorated, this is just what the doctor prescribes; if you wish to chill out after a hectic day.

Now if you want some real upscale food, in a trendy outlet, head off to Olio. They have some super dishes. Try the scallop with caviar, or the aubergine with mozzerella and anchovies... mmm! Olio Bar and Restaurant, conveniently located at Crossroads, Banilad.

Ginza is another place where you will dine in style with food to match. This establishment is 26 years old and still counting. Stood the test of time with much aplomb and with the recently decorated interiors slides effortlessly into yet another gear. The food is contemporary Japanese. Signature dish is the Pork teppanyaki. Slithers of tender pork, served with a hybrid mayo wasabe sauce. Ginza: Old Banilad Road, Banilad, Cebu City (231 4612)

Just down the road from Olio, near the entrance to Maria Luisa Estate; just off Banilad Road is Guiseppe. This fantastic restaurant serves; in my humble opinion the very best pizzas in Cebu. In addition to the pizzas, you will find sumptuous pasta offerings with the freshest of fresh ingredients; home style Italian at its best. A laid back atmosphere radiates from this establishment. Run by ex: Shangri-La regional chef, Guiseppe's restaurant is a must do whilst in Cebu. Guiseppe's, Maria Luisa Park Road Cebu City. (343 9901)

If you have no time to dine in, and want something quick: there is always Davinci's Pizza in Mactan, famous for the white sauce pizza - err at least that's what they claim. (420 8888)

Hamburgers To Die For...

If a simple burger’s what’s your hungering for, fret not. Cebuanos more than proud of their tantalizing grills have come up with burgers that make the more common brands pale in comparison. Noteworthy are Flame it and Burger Joint. Don't go there thinking your in for a light snack. The Flame It 1/2 pounder - is just that. Half 1/2 a pound of magic primetime beef. Yep, primetime! The real deal; no Holyfield...Juicy and marinated for who knows how long and with who knows what, it is nothing but sensational for any burger lover. Burger Joint is a similar concept. Eat in both and you will shun going back to those "other" more famous international brands.

Another favorite of Mactan residents is the French cafe at Marina Mall, Cafe de France. Freshly baked pastries, some excellent clones of croque monsieur's, pig in a blanket, and an assortment of freshly baked pastry delights. As it is a cafe, one can wash down these delights with copious amounts of strong coffee. Definitely, a winning combination!

Clubbing Like There's No Tomorrow!

Nightlife in Cebu is lively and really starts rocking after 8pm. The seedier go-go dance places are concentrated on Mango Avenue (now General Maxilom) with establishments like Viking, Papillon and Blackhole. Arena. The latter is a larger place filled with more scantily-clad dancers who will come up and ask the S.O.P., "helloooo sirrrrrr, wear rrrrrrrrr yoooooooo froooooom, sirrrrr?" Not too far from Mango Avenue is Jaguar KTV and go-go dance place. This is located in a plush theatre.

The Live Wire

If you prefer a more sophisticated ambience with world-class music, look no further than Jazz n Bluz. This slick restaurant bar - which could double as a Blue Note anywhere in the world - usually has two bands performing and doesn't close until the last customer leaves. Despite the name, you will find Jazz, a little Blues and a lot of easy-listening music.

Sinners and Saints Resto Bar on Banilad Road is also a fun place to hang-out. With their barmen and bargirls dressed up as devils and angels respectively and a host of good local live music is on display. Ratskys in Ayala, Papa Roast and Seafood Resto Bar and Kaona Grill also have their fair share of good live music to complement the food.

Spinners Inc.

If you prefer to hear DJ's, the Crossroads complex on Banilad Road which houses small intimate clubs such as Vudu (house & techno music) and Cafe Teatro which also has a DJ on most nights playing faves from the 70's, 80's and some Latin beats. Teatro is run by an attractive Cebuana appropriately named Queenie, who is a wonderful host. Further down the (Banilad) road you will find Cielo, which after dinner, transforms into a cool club with a DJ who plays mainly house and some lighter techno music. While Cielo is a fun place to hang-out, be seen and dance, it should not be overlooked as a dining experience. My personal favorites include: penne rustica and chicken parmigiana. Be warned, the portions are not small. For updated information on where to eat, drink and stay, we suggest:

Disco Duck...

Both Nasa and Sunflower Discos are large clubs/ discos, with big thumping sounds systems and lots of lights. The latter attracts its fair share of the tourist trade. Not really the ed's scene so we unfortunately can't shed much more light on them!

Real Pubs!

Noteworthy on the sports bar side is Badgers. An appealing sports bar with lots of plasma TV's, live coverage of most worldwide sporting events, deco that could be from any North American bar and the has some decent pub food on offer. It is also one of the few, if not the only bar that sells Guiness stout and one of the few that sells real Aussie meat pies.

Magellan's Landing at Marina Mall (three of their ever smiling staff pictured above) is also a great place to hang-out, enjoy a coldie and kick back. They serve some excellent pub-grub there and the clientele is an eclectic mix of foreigners and locals. Be sure to try the steak and mushroom pie, or cajun chicken dishes.

Kimchi Anyone?

With burgeoning Korean tourist influx, we are now witnessing the growth of KTV places (Karaoke TV) popping up all over the place. Small wonder then that karaoke parlors everywhere have prominent signs posted for (GROs) or guest relations officers. These very nimble ladies can have quite an impact on your wallet if you’re not eagle-eyed. Two of the larger and more upmarket KTV's are located in Mactan. The White Castle on Airport Road and another in the Waterfront Airport Hotel.

If you’re passionate about music and looking for a comprehensive list of bands in Cebu go to the band directory.

If you have some favorite places to hang-out or to eat in or wish your establishment to be listed, be sure to let us know. We'll quickly mobilize our wonderful editor to check it out. Believe us, his stomach is proof of his love for the finer things in life! Even better to get lots more tips on restaurants, visit our forum on this site:
to see more info on restaurants and share with us about your own experiences.

Lami-ah! and Party on!

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Dinner with Filipino Cultural / Variety Shows

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